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Every Child Has Opportunities Charter School Reviews

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The school has a very good environment. There is not a time where you need help and don't get it. Definitely a 5 star school.
Our principal has become less directly involved in the enforcement of our school policies in recent years and teachers are given more choice as to how they wish to punish students for things like late work, bad attitude, or poor attendance (punishments include detention, in school suspension, out of school suspension, and writing assignments). Because the teachers have different opinions on punishments for certain things, there is little consistency for students who repeatedly offend and I think that makes them feel like they can get away with more. Also, because the students are almost friends with the staff, punishment is usually minimal anyway. I see quite a bit of bullying in school and it is always the same people doing it, yet I never really see teachers confronting those specific students about it.
The cafeteria is clean and large enough to accommodate all students. Our cooks are friendly on most days and the food is usually pretty tasty, though on occasion we will get very little food for a meal and everyone complains they are hungry. We always have fruits and veggies which are pretty fresh offered to us. We also offer salads to people not wishing to eat the main meal being served. We have no snack or drink machines, which students do not like.
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The teachers are all incredibly friendly- they get to know the students on a personal level so students are comfortable coming to them with problems outside of the classroom. For the most part they keep their syllabuses interesting and new, but sometimes they can get a little off track from their teaching. They know what they are talking about and if they are unsure of something, they will look it up to clarify for you. They grade very consistently, too.
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