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What I like about the Everman High School is that everyone watches out for you when you need them. However, something I would change about the high school is that I would like for parents to be involved more in there kids lives.
I think my high school does not attend to its students well. Last year the water in Everman got contaminated and they made us stay in school with us unable to use the bathrooms and wash our hands and them not having water to cook the school lunch; on top of that, the bathroom flooded and they left the residue in the halls for several days and our A/C was also broken for several days. They also have a lack of supplies like soap in the bathrooms or functional sinks, toilets, toilet paper, and bathroom doors. They often times run out of food to give us at lunch or they give us disgusting leftovers. The faculty treats us like we're criminals and don't give us the respect that we deserve. Sadly, this is what we have got used to. I think what needs to change is the staff's attitude and their willingness to provide us with basic needs.
Everman High School has many great qualities but I would just like to see a change in the overall ora and feeling of the school. I would also like to see a little bit of a change in the staff and the way that they do things. Furthermore, I would love to a change in the dress code because as a student I don't like it.
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It’s alright but also not that bad, it’s a good school and I love it but I can be wild💀
Like any other school, Everman High School has its faults. However, there are some good that I can take with me when I graduate. I've learned how to branch out to others and become more proactive with my goals. I just hope that Everman High School would put forth more effort in getting students involved with itself. The more student that care the more the school will improve.
In Everman, students never feel left out or alone because there are people from all aspects of life and thoses eho shares many interests. Although some procedures such as dress code can feel like individuality is covered , creativity is often encouraged and awarded.
I went to this school all four years of high school. There was a different principal eery year because no one wanted to stay and they focus their time on trying to enforce dress code instead of trying to help us academically. The food is horrible, i wouldn't even feed it to my worst enemy. The last time I ate their food was in 9th grade. The early college and duel credit programs are the only good thing about the school. I was in early college which allowed me to graduate with my associates degree before even graduating high school.
what I like about the school is the college readiness, they have dual credit and collegiate high school. Also staff is very nice take care of students as there own children. The diversity of the school is good many mixed races at Everman High School. I would recommend this High School to many students best High ever.
I loved attending Everman. The teachers there are amazing and know exactly what they're doing. Many teachers have inspired me to further my education. I also had a great time participating in activities and clubs. Everman has helped me develop as a person. I just wish the school lunch would be better. I also wish teachers and counselors can connect better with the students by understanding them.
Lots of really good teachers. Great for college readiness. The AP classes are taught really well. Teachers really care about student success and take time out to ensure it.
Teachers don’t really care and it seems like they just give you grades so you can pass and don’t care how you do. Most of the teachers are subs 95% of the time and they don’t know what they are teaching. If you have trouble with a subject teachers will tell you to ask a smarter student dismissing your question.
The food is terrible, they don't even give us real food, it's like McDonald's times -10, plus they don't let us go off campus to eat or have anyone bring us food.
I really enjoyed the support I received from my teachers. They all wanted to see their students succeed and did their best to help. I can definitely say that this school has teachers who genuinely care about their students.
Everman high school has to be one of the best things to happen to me. Not only did it open my eyes and made me try new things but it also made me feel a part of the community. The school is so united like in homecoming, pep rally, classrooms, football games, senior activities. No one is ever left out, whether its the minorities, the special needs, even the kids who want to be left out. One thing that i would change would be the importance on sports. Its okay to understand that football is not the only sport in the school, we have the tennis team who had a state champion 2 years ago and a a playoff run last year. The soccer team has had a payoff run in 2014-2015 and 2016-2017 with a distruct title in both years.
Everman High School does a great job at providing free services such as SAT and ACT testing, lunch, and AP tests.
I love Everman high school. The atmosphere is very friendly and everyone treats each other as a family. The teachers are always prepared to help you get better and prepare you for the next step in college. Your dreams are always put first and youll never be let down. Go Bulldogs!
The teachers here treat you like family and respect your needs and wants. The counselors will push you to try AP and Dual Credit classes if they believe you will be able to excel in a class with an increased difficulty and workload. Specifically speaking, Mrs. Derrough, my English two teacher, had an enormous impact on my life because she pushed me to write the sports stories for our online newspaper and now I want to major in Journalism/Communications.
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My overall experience was very good honestly. After 4 years i can finally say that these were the fastest 4 years i have ever lived in my life. Everything about it was fun especially athletics. I played in 4 sports for my high school. being varsity in 3 out of 4. Academic wise I did very good also. Finishing with a average 3.4 gpa and a 1130 SAT composite score.
My experience here didn’t start well since I moved here sophomore year but turned out to be a great experience. I made friends with people who were nice which most students are, not only that but the teachers really helped me with school and now as a senior are making us try and go to college or a university. Overall my experience in Everman High School has been great. I think it was a great choice to make because this is not just a school, it’s a family.
During my sophmore year the school was nasty, a lot of scandals and the food is terrible. During my junior year we had at leat seven fights in one day, all of the fighters were placated with detention or beign expelled. Over all, I must say that the school is not that bad. We have Advanced Placement class but sometimes is filled with asinine students. Students often tend to exacerbate the situation by talking back to a teacher or provocating a fight. The school was a lot of different clubs
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