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EVHS was a decent high school. I hope that they will improve with the teachers chosen to work there, during my time, I felt that many of my teachers did not care about teaching or helping their students succeed. There were not many known resources to help with college readiness. Being a semi-newly built school, the classrooms and campus was very nice and well kept.
Evergreen Valley High School was definitely home to some of the best 4 years of my life. I'm currently taking a gap year in South America which I never thought of as a possibility and wouldn't have if it wasn't for some of my great teachers at Evergreen Valley High School. I feel over-prepared for post high school coursework; the things I would change about the school include finance transparency, where does the money go? Also, the school gets too political at times, I just want to learn don't shove beliefs down my throat.
Evergreen Valley High is a decent school. They have many clubs that contribute to the community and put an emphasis on mental health, but the school still needs to be improved. The main focus of the school is based on academics and STEM. There is more the school could be focusing on. For example, students could be open to STEAM, which includes the arts. The arts are an important method to cope with the stress of school. We are sometimes stuck in the past; however, change is coming.
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Some teachers are honestly the best but they’re few and far between. I liked how much people got into the school spirit events though.
I love the spirit that this school carries. Especially during homecoming season, students come together to show their spirit. Additionally, this school is always clean and rarely has any litter.
EVHS is an alright school. There are good teachers and there are bad ones too. I feel that the school is full of diversity and high spirits. We show a lot of school spirit and always try our best to welcome each other.
As an Alumni from Evergreen Valley High School, I think there is still much more potential to bring forward for the students. While there is a strong focus on taking APs and applying to 4-year universities, I think the school needs to invest more in their mental care center. The pressure of the future does take a toll on growing teenagers still manifesting their passions. With that said, there are many students who are using the most of their resources given and developing their own paths. EVHS is filled with many exciting events such as the Battle of the Classes, Homecoming, Winterfest, and so much more that will forever be in remembrance of one's high school experiences. I found my experiences to be filled with joy from friends and teachers, and had struggles with the pressures of college.
Evergreen is okay. There are some teachers that genuinely care about how well their students perform and their mental health, and some teachers are not competent to teach especially with AP classes. Throughout the school year there are only a couple of spirit days and activities that are exciting like homecoming and Battle of the Classes.
This school is very competitive. A lot of their students overwork themselves. We have a mental health issue. Students always try to out do each other. Only some of the teachers care about you and try to help you.
From the time I've been there, my high school experience was nice. Definitely go join the yearly Battle of the Classes and Homecoming shows! You'll make quick friends when you're working for a common goal. Teachers are either a hit or a miss. Some bad, some okay, some awesome. And their quality of teaching reflects their reputation. However, as an alumni, I've heard and seen the school spirit plummet year by year, which is sad.
Evergreen overall provided me with a pleasant high school experience. The community is filled with people who want to support me and are fun to be around. Being a music enthusiast, I firmly believe that the music program here is extremely strong. Having been a part of our orchestra and marching band, and having the opportunity to play in Carnegie Hall, I found my experience developing my personal interests here fruitful. I formed many bonds with various teachers and students, and learned much not just about academics, but also about myself during the past three years I’ve spent here. I look forward to continuing to learn more this year as well.
The school was overpopulated, and there were not enough counselors. Every time I try to talk with my counselor or set up a meeting it was either such a long process or it just did not happen at all. There were lots of sexual harassment cases that came up throughout my four years of going there and nothing was ever done about it.
I liked going to this school because I was a cheerleader all four years. Their sports department is amazing. There are a few teachers who really care about their students succeeding and then there are some that try to make it harder for students.
I loved the inclusiveness of the school and its pure spirit. The spirit days and class events were always packed and everyone tried to have fun with them. The crowd that considered them "lame" was always very small but also stayed respectful. The staff also took these spirit events seriously and with respect as well.
I myself am very active in the school and have enjoyed almost all of it. Classes have never been too hard, and teachers know who I am. However, there have been a few “different” teachers that gave me an extremely hard time when it should have been an easy A.
The epidemic is still who can be noticed the most, who's the richest, who's the prettiest, or who's the smartest- which is the only good thing. Most students don't care whether you need help or you're lonely. They look at you with disgust. Not many students actually try to help those in need. Also, most teachers cannot teach. I can think of a handful at the top of my head that do not care about their students, who have given up, or come up with lesson plans the day of. It has come to the point where cheating is actually normal. With over a majority of the school being mostly Asian, it lacks diversity.
A lot of the kids surrounding you will be very capable, use them as a resource. Teachers are sometimes very hit and miss, and it's very hard to get any of the counselors' time due to extreme overcrowding. However, the overall community is supportive and the campus is clean.
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Evergreen Valley High is a diverse community of students with ample opportunity to explore all ranges of educational pursuits. However, the sports teams can use an improvement with new coaches or increased funding.
To be honest, it's way to overhyped. Yes, praises are constantly spoken about this school in the Evergreen community because of the staff and the test scores of whatever, but that's just what makes the culture here so toxic. This school is not one that I'm happy coming to many days, because the pressure about classes and teachers is so overwhelming that it gives me panic and anxiety attacks. I've had some of the worst teachers ever at this school, and they make me feel like getting an education is worthless. Yes, I am considered an "honors student", but when i'm pressured and mocked by my peers or even people i don't even talk to in my classes to do better or "not be so dumb", it weighs me down. I've achieved whatever grades I have with my own dedication and learning from YouTube-it's a better teacher than most of mine. You can't join school activities like Battle and Homecoming unless you're popular and well known, if you aren't then they will mock you and ignore you+your talents.
Overall, Evergreen Valley High School (EVHS) is respectable, with several great faculty members. There is a strong academic culture at EVHS among the higher-achieving students, which tends to create a rift between students who are not as academically focused. Unfortunately, this means that the school ends up encouraging success only for students who already are pursing academics. Perhaps the administration should promote learning for all students; for example, they should encourage students to take AP classes instead of dissuading them from doing so.
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