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The small school experience at Evergreen Park H.S. has been amazing at letting me develop relationships with all those around me, in each grade.
I loved how evergreen Park High School helps all students succeed. They make sure everyone is taken care of and where they need to be, so they can graduate on time with their class. I myself have a learning disability, so it's hard for me to learn things like the other kids. At evergreen they made sure I was in a class that was the best for me, so I could get the best education.
I love my high school. It is the place to be. Everybody knows each other, we’re like a family. The clubs are awesome and there is a lot of school spirit.
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Evergreen Park High School prepared me for the many big tests I was going to take and preparing me for college. The counselors make seminars very useful. They go through the different applications, how to ask for your transcript to be sent, and motivate the students to apply for scholarships. They regularly are helping the seniors to understand their personalized plan for college and how they can help. The teachers are very willing to answer questions very clearly and love working with the students. My experience so far at the high school has been great. I am proud to call myself a mustang.
I enjoyed my time at evergreen park community high school. Most of the teachers are helpful and ensightful. The counselors help you get ready for college as much as they can and the cop at the school is one of the sweetest cops i know. I learned a lot while in high school and enjoyed my high school experience! Thanks EP!
It is a very good school overall. The only reason it isn’t a 5 is because of the exciting experiences it lacks that many expect of a high school on the south side of Chicago.
I love the school spirit and the livelyhood of my Highschool. The sports teams and clubs are full of sportsmanship, positive character improvement, and opportunity.
Evergreen Park High School is an amazing institution it is very diverse great academics. The teachers are wonderful, they are very kind and very open for one on one time. we have amazing after school activities. Overall Evergreen park is a wonderful place to get an education.
I had a very enriching time at Evergreen Park High School. I was involved in sports and other various activities. I felt welcomed into the school with open arms. The school excels at creating a safe and educational environment for the students. The school allowed me to grow and develop as a student as well as a person. I would change the disciplinary rules at the school. They seem to be too strict and focus on punishment, rather than correction.
Evergreen Park has been a wonderful place to go to high school at. Were not a big school so classes aren't that big and everyone gets a chance to be involved. I feel like coming here I've always been challenged and have had a great support system.
The teachers all love what they do and make learning fun. The entire town of Evergreen Park has pride to be a Mustang and the parents and alumni are all still very involved with the high school. The school has been remodeled and is a state of the art facility. Best public school around!
From freshman year to Senior year, my high school has offered me the amount of success that I dreamed I could achieve. They have offered so much to me and my choice of major for college. The classes are incredible the teachers are very intelligent in their field of study and the environment of the school is such a happy place. We are a very prestigious and competitive school they offer so many clubs, sports, and activities that I was happy to enroll there. I love my high school and i wish my four years were not coming to a halting end. but my school has prepared me for adulthood and college.
I love the sense of community that the school manages to keep every year. It seems to even grow stronger every year. The environment is very safe and comforting, all the teachers are caring and good at their jobs. I would say that much needs to be changed, but if I did have to I like to see the music department get more love becauseEvergreen Park has a lovely group of students who devote themselves to music.
I like Evergreen Park High School because they are very helpful and they want you to succeed. EPCHS is a clean school, organized, and one of the best high schools in Illinois. EPCHS is at rank 78 in Illinois. For a school at 78th place is very good because some high schools don’t get honored as the best in the state. One thing that I want EPCHS to change is the senior cources and add more required classes.
My experience at evergreen park was pretty great. From the moment I enrolled in the district schools I noticed a change my knowledge and personality. the teachers and staff helped shape me into the young intelligent young woman I am today. I can honestly say the school was great with not so many flaws. I like how The staff perfectly guide me in the right direction to be ready for college and the "adult world".
Evergreen Park High school is pretty amazing. The teachers are some of the most dedicated people you will find. The new cafeteria food is even better than before. The cookies that they serve are some of the best cookies I've ever had. Parent involvement is just OK. There isn't many chances for parents to be involved so I do think that could be better. The school is largely white with very few people of other race.
I like the band,the choir,the staff members,and the many clubs and activities they have to offer. If I could change one thing about the school I would change the dresses for choir. We have had the dresses for so many years and never really get new ones. I feel that instead of all the money going to new uniforms for the sports teams, half of it should also go to the music department for new dresses or uniforms.
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Some members of the staff truly care for the students and work really hard to give them the best education possible in the best place possible. There are many ways to be involved and the majority of students are at least in one club, activity or sport. Also, the facilities are updated and contribute to good learning. However, some of the administration is cold and removed, seemingly uncaring for individuals and more focused on group numbers and projections. Aside from them, EP is quite average in some aspects and very good in others.
Evergreen Park has great academics. I would like to see the administration change a lot. They have great teachers and great coaches. Their clubs and extra curricular activities are great. If a student is struggling in a subject they will help you as much as they can. The after school tutoring program is great.
Evergreen is one of the most amazing school experiences I will ever encounter. The Teachers are the bomb, they bring creativity & adventure to the learning environment. I could not have hoped to attend a better high school. GO MUSTANGS!!!!
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