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I remember when i used to go to this school when I was in 6th grade. In my opinion the students were pretty nice. I was in a good group and always hung out with somebody. The problem is the teachers. I remember i hated my classes because the teachers were straight up awful. The teachers overall are not up to any standard. The school lunch is one of the most awful i have ever seen. I actually got very sick after eating 2 sandwiches and i had to throw up and got sent home. I do not recommend buying lunch here. The enviroment seems harsh to anybody new here. I knew couple friends from my elementary who introduced me to other friends but if you come here from out of the district than school life is going to be hella difficult. Overall i did not enjoy my 1 year stay here and I left for a better middle school in the ditrict.
I remember back in 6th grade when a male student tried to rip my shirt off, even though the teacher was watching she did nothing to the kid to get him in trouble. I spent the entire rest of the day crying. Its a very toxic environment for kids and being a young female at the time, having my shirt ripped off infront of the class (he didnt do it successfully, infact only my sleeves came off) was embarrassing and it still creeps me to this day that the teacher did nothing. The academics is quiet nice, but every time I walk by this school I cant help but be overwhelmed with bad memories.
The teachers at Evergreen are hands down the most talented and passionate educators I have met. I score the school 4 stars because the principle does not seem familiar with addressing challenges that go along with diversity. The school has significant resources and I would expect better programming and support for students coming from the administration.
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Evergreen Middle School, in my experience, was a pretty amazing school. During my three years at Evergreen, I participated in the Quest program along with numerous sports and clubs such as leadership. The teachers were amazingly nice, when I asked for recommendations or outside help, they were willing to schedule in-person meetings outside of school, or even phone calls. The sports were really inclusive, because while I cannot run whatsoever, they still made me feel like a part of the team. The clubs are fun, interactive and educational. Math club included many competitions, (which we did fantastically at), multicultural club a diverse blend of insight into different cultures and ASB gave me a genuine desire to help increase school spirit.
Not a good school if you care about your kids wellbeing. I had my son there for 1 year. To be fair, we did meet a few great and caring teachers/coaches but mostly the staff especially my childs councelor (complete jerk) were cold and indifferent. It always felt like your child needed to meet a standard as oppose to encourage learning and instill a love for learning. Principal is super awkward. We left the school last fall and have not looked back since.
This was not a good school back when I went there. Hopefully things have changed since then. Bullying was a huge issue and the worst part was that teachers would witness bullying and do nothing about it. Sometimes they would also laugh. Not a safe space for students, especially at such a vulnerable age.
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