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Our school is a phenomenal place for our children. I am an alumni and my children currently go to school here. We were started by the ELS synod and later joined in operation by the WELS, where it is currently co-operated. The school supports international students as well as local students. We have a staff who loves our children and works very hard to help them succeed. There's a high percentage that go on to college and are extremely well prepared once there. The students are not required to participate in sports, but a high percentage of them do. There's also drama club, music, journalism, etc. Lots of extra-curricular items for them to be involved in. We have been please with the academic out-come of our children and more importantly that they are being a taught Bible based christian beliefs.
Three of our children have been blessed to attend Evergreen Lutheran High School. It was such a supportive and encouraging place for them to grow and mature and has been the ideal springboard for their adult lives. I'm eagerly looking forward to giving the same opportunity to our younger children!
Evergreen Lutheran High School is a great place to work and be a part of. The academic expectations are high. The school culture is amazing from students to parents to teachers to support staff. It may be a small school but it has a huge heart. God’s grace is expressed every day.
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I love the Christ centered attitude of Evergreen! They may be small, but there is a lot of big things happening!
Evergreen Lutheran puts a lot of effort into building a community. The students are not just students in the classroom, they are part of something bigger. The teachers and staff notice when students are struggling academically and personally. They work to create an inclusive environment through school wide activities, teacher-student interactions outside of the classroom (like sport events, and field trips) and an open communication policy.
Evergreen Lutheran High School has been around since 1978 serving young people educationally & Spiritually! Their graduates do well at the next level of education. I am so happy this school exists for our students in our neighboring elementary schools!
Evergreen is a great close knit school. The smaller school size is great for more individual time between students and teachers. It also allows students to participate in many extra-curriculars they maybe wouldn't have been able to at bigger school. This allows for establishing great for friendships, team/school unity, and teaching great time management skills for the future. Evergreen offers busing from Kitsap and Federal Way. I love working with the school families. We have many parents that have attended and now send their own kids here. I would recommend looking into sending your kids to this school.
It is very good and student focused. The teachers are always ready to help students no matter what. Many times, the teachers will even give up their lunch period or even be late to their own sports practice, just to help out a student. One thing that could change would be the four minute passing period.
The staff cares about each students success. The students are like a big family working together in sports and acidemics. The leadership is outstanding! I am proud to be part of Evergreen. I love going to school in a Christian environment.
Evergreen prepared me for college which led me to my current career in law enforcement and the rigors of life. The teachers truly keep the spiritual well-being of their students the top priority of each class they teach.
Evergreen has been much better than any public school I have ever attended. The small size allows students to be far more involved with extra curricular activities, sports. It also provides a safer environment, and students create a one on one bond with each of their teachers.
A private, less-than-100 enrolled Lutheran (WELS) high school. Great community of people from grade schools affiliated with the synod in the PNW. Everyone knows everyone, for better or for worse. They take in international students as well, mainly from South Korea. The school is probably not doing so well financially since switching to this new campus and changing hands leadership-wise. Overall, a Christ-centered education that prepares well for college (although there's not much for RunningStart/AP/college credits).
I have served as a member of the Student Council at Evergreen for the last 2 years, and going into my senior year, I can see a bright future of the school. Though we are in the smallest division of high schools, Evergreen's student body is like a family to everyone. With a diverse student culture from around the world, everyone seems to fit in just fine!
Evergreen is a family unit, and that truth is recognized the minute a visit starts. The students form a close bond with each other through engaging classes, extra-curricular activities, and strolling through the hallways together. The smaller enrollment number creates a unique relationship between teacher and student.
Our teachers are outstanding. They are talented and dedicated servant leaders and they love their students! Our teachers make Bethany a nurturing environment for our students, and they thrive because of it!
We have never feared our children's safety while at Evergreen Lutheran. The campus is closed and the building is locked. All of the teachers and faculty know every single student. Our kids are loved here, and it shows as the teachers and the students look out for one another!
Our children have participated in football, soccer, basketball, track, softball, drama, the traveling choir, student council, the National Honor Society, and pep band. There certainly are schools with more options for extracurriculars, but I don't know of one that has a higher percentage of students who are involved. It's on the athletic fields and in the other extracurriculars that these young men and women really deepen their friendships and learn the best of life lessons.
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At Evergreen my children are well educated, safe, and loved. Our oldest daughter rocked her ACT and SAT tests
Everyone is required to participate athletically somehow.
We bring our own food.
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