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Evergreen Junior High School Reviews

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I loved Evergreen Jr High school so much. The secretaries at the school knew who I was. They were so nice and kind. The teachers made sure that I succeed in school. They really cared for each of the students and took the time to help them. The Principal made school so fun. I loved coming to school to learn because I knew that it would be a fun day in the classroom. My favorite class was choir. The choir teacher Mr Z was so fun. He made singing for us and not him. He made sure to involve all the students and give them a part. He made sure that each student feel like they were contributing to the class in a positive way.
Overall it was a good school. The teachers were good, the faculty was good, I just don’t think the learning environment was as good as it should be.
There were some really passionate teachers that I felt lucky to have had, but there were also a lot that had lost their zest for education. I feel like many of the teachers had forgotten what it was like to not understand the subject and the quality of learning suffered as a result. Many programs were unorganized and scattered but the school population was really easygoing and nonjudgemental for the most part.
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It is an ok school. The building is old and so are the teachers. There is few bullying, but lots of clicks. Evergreen does offer lots of classes and choices.
Evergreen Junior High school administration worked hard to provide opportunities to all students. There was a large emphasis placed on community and helping others which was vital to my personal growth in teenage years. I learned the importance of caring for my peers and of allowing others to help me to learn and grow together.
The teacher were teaching very well to help the student to understand
They offer a lot of help to help student to be successful
Fun and also make it challenging
I had a great time at evergreen jr High school. The teacher are great.
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