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Academic programs were excellent and included many opportunities to prepare for college, including strong connections to Clark College through the Running Start program, and to Cascadia Technical Academy. AP and Honors classes are offered and there is a strong tutoring center. Most teachers were very passionate, organized, caring, and effective. However, some graduation requirements seemed quite like box-checking, essential to follow them to a letter but not essential to show that the intent was met (like required volunteer service and highschool and beyond plan).
I feel like my time here has definitely shaped me for the future. The teachers here are very engaging and take their own time and money to give their students the tools that the need to succeed. Currently, the whole school district is on strike as they're negotiating raising their wages to a income I know that they deserve.
Teachers are great, they’ll always be able to help you out and are willing to give you all of the tools for you to be successful in grade school as well as well-prepared for college
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The school seemed to place more emphasis on sports than academics. There weren't many college preparatory classes or activities.
When I recently moved from OR to WA it was scary for me but with the help of my teachers and with the Upward Bound program I am currently in has helped me meet new people and be able to have different opportunities I never would of thought I could have. Upward Bond has helped me with writing my resume and being able to tour different colleges and universities I may be interested in. Overall it has helped me prepare for college and applying for scholarships. One thing I would like to change is bringing diversity to my school also being able to empower the underrepresented students at my school. Bringing forth an organization that will represent them in which we could bring different cultures together.
Amazing preforming arts and Music programs. Great AP classes and afterschool opportunities. Financially challenged but well supported by the district.
Evergreen staff is amazing and very supportive. They’re willing to stay back and help students. Staff at college and cereer center is very nice and provide snacks. I wish the facility would improve because Evergreen is a very old building.
I love how they are a lot of people helping each other out, both staff and students. The school understand that there are some students who needs help on one or more of their classes, that is why teachers make time after school and on saturdays to help those who are in need. Also, the Evergreen community very much embrace the diversity of students, which is one of the reasons why mostly everyone gets along.
I liked that everyone understood that everyone came from a background and that for the most part teachers gave opportunity for students to engage in the material with their peers. There's needs to be a change where teachers learn to better interact with students to see them as people and not just another student.
I appreciate all the staff and teachers at Evergreen Highschool. However, the facilities of this highschool is in very poor condition, the building looks like it's going to fall apart, the sinks sometimes come out yellow water, there are molds on the roofs and there are not enough money for the sports teams and lastly, there are not any AC in all the classrooms and the internet wifi connection is slow at Evergreen Highschool.
I would like the student body to focus more and have more school spirit. For example I think students should be more involved into showing up to sporting events instead of going to clubs and activities that are pointless. No reason there should be the same amount of people at chess club as the basketball games.
Evergreen has a wide variety of clubs, sports, academic classes, elective classes, and vocational classes. I have really enjoyed my classes, especially my animation class and computer science class. The staff at Evergreen is really friendly, and the teachers are always willing to help their students.
My experience with Evergreen High School has been so life changing. I transferred to this school, in the middle of last year. I had been bullied at my old school. At my old school, if you weren't the majority, or money oriented, you were kinda left alone. I do not come from a wealthy family. So Skyview High School, my old school, I had fake people posing as friends, and was basically alone. At Evergreen I immediately felt welcomed and right at home. There I found real friends, and a real family, and I'm glad I will be graduating this year with people who truly care. I love this school.
Evergreen Ian a wonderful school with people from all different backgrounds forming a unique and successful student body. The teachers are caring towards every student, which builds a great learning environment.
Evergreen High School really wants to see kids graduate. They have lots of programs to help students and the average classes are typically very easy. But if you want to challenge yourself and take harder classes, be prepared to work hard. If I had to give advice to anyone coming to Evergreen, I'd honestly just tell them to pack their own lunches. The lunches are terrible and probably have no real nutritional value.
This school is great, but certainly not perfect. The EHS theatre program is one of its best features. The shows they perform are truly incredible, and the theatre community welcomes new students with open arms. In recent news, the brand-new Chromebooks that all students received are a fantastic addition and keep the students up-to-date. However, this school falls short in one key area. The food offered in the cafeteria is ultimately sub-par. Vegan/vegetarian options are rarely offered. EHS could really improve the quality of its food.
I like how diverse the school is. But i hope for the school to have many more classes available and to increase the size of the school. Maybe fixing up the facilities. The teachers are all great, keep them.
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I like the teachers and I have made a lot of great friends. We also get chrome books to take home and use.
I love Evergreen because it's so accepting and friendly. You can be LGBTQA+, you can dye your hair the most ridiculous color, and you'll be accepted and not bullied. On the off chance you ARE bullied, they (the faculty) will help you out. It's also well-prepared with resource centers, credit recovery classes, and all kinds of clubs. The only thing I'd like to change about Evergreen is....well, I can't really think of anything! I'm so glad the boundary changed (I would've gone to Union) before I reached high school because Evergreen is amazing.
Evergreen High School is an excellent schools for people that want to learn and have fun. The sports at this school have been great but lately became really bad. This school offers a lot of opportunities for people that want to learn and helps the people that need help in school.
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