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They had a teen pregnancy program that was amazing, it really helped prepare the girls and some guys what parenting was going to be like. They also conducted field trips to visit college campuses which is really an eye opener to what you would like to do with your future.
It was a regular bland school lunch, but for some at Evergreen it was the only meal they were going to eat that day.
My teacher made every effort to make sure that I had a clear understanding of what I wanted to do after college as wel as giving me the resources to help fund it.
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This school, and more importantly my teacher gave me the opportunities I needed to get my high school diploma. A whole semester early I might add. I wasn't in the best place in my life when I began attending Evergreen and it gave me a place to do my school work, keep my full time job and even offered counseling to get me through all the tough stuff. I am a better person because of this school.
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