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Evergreen High School Reviews

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Evergreen High School is a great rural school with strong academics where students are encouraged to be involved with multiple activities and sports.
Though its small-town origin causes a lack of diversity, the corn-field-surrounded school falls short in little. Invigorating courses and teachers who push the bar high allow students to receive an excellent education, full of many interactive opportunities not typically offered at the high school level. With excellent athletic, music, and academic performances across the board, the school is one full of dedicated and hardworking students who work to bring pride and recognition to their families and community. Students will leave Evergreen not only with a head full of knowledge and resume bursting with extracurricular achievements, but also the memories, stories, and close relationships that only a small-town school can provide.
Compared to what Michelle Obama wants them to eat now it seems okay
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Dress code was the worst rule you could break. sorry about wearing yoga pants
Seemed like the football team got the most funding and the least coaching
Some teachers had taching methods on different ends of the spectrum than others. that's how it was
Mostly there are sports, or the spanish club or art club. Nothing else
I feel like I was barely helped in deciding my future through the school
Teachers do a great job of understanding and preparing you for the real world
Evergreen is a small country school and does what it can to provide for its students. Lots of sports clubs and and band and choir are very popular! 1 musical a year and everyone in town comes to see the show!
They help the kids on the iep. Most teachers teach in several ways
The staff are really fair . They treat us like the future adults we are.
There are some clubs ,but not a lot
Most of the students are good kids. I rarely see bullying and when I have teachers and/or other students have stepped in to stop it.
I really enjoyed going to school here. The teachers were helpful and really cared. There wasn't a lot of bullying like there was at my past schools. I would recommend this school to anyone.
Our guidance counselors talked to our classes many times during our junior and senior years about getting ready for college.
i actually really liked the food there. I don 't eat beef and there was always something for me to eat.
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There really isn't a lot of diversity in the community.
I felt that the teachers were very helpful and when I didn't understand something my teachers would take the time to explain it to me after class if needed. The guidance counselors were also helpful when I was preparing for college.
Once I started college I realized I really was prepared for the work i had to do in college. I have good study habits and was ready to do all the homework.
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