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Wow! I just really like Evergreen High School a lot. There are a lot of very good teachers (even though some of them are not stellar). I have learned so much especially as I have gotten older in the school. The students can be very competitive if you are in higher level classes like AP or honors, but you can pick very easily how challenging you want school to be. Overall it's a pretty great place.
As someone who moved to Evergreen High School right before my junior year, I can say that this one was better than my last high school. My old high school was huge and Evergreen really is not that big so there is more focus on individual students. Evergreen has very friendly staff and a great curriculum.
Evergreen High School's high-achieving, competitive environment has encouraged me to pursue my goals both academically and in extracurricular. Everyone is very involved and supportive which creates a very stimulating student culture.
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I would like to see better teachers and more respect for the kids. It’s is overall a good high school. Most of the student are just snobby rich kids and don’t have any respect for others which was a problem. It is every man for themself in highschool.
It was a fun school - easy to get involved if you want. Sports are not terribly competitive, since it's a pretty small town, so if you want to play something, you probably can. I felt like unless you are in AP classes, they are not preparing you for the quantity of work you'll probably face in college.
Generally the teachers are very good. They are all very caring and dedicated. The academics are rigorous and everyone is actually interested in doing well. It is cool to be smart at this school.
Evergreen High School compared to most high schools in the Colorado area was wonderful. However, I found it to be very unprepared when it came to educating students to be college ready. I found if you were not in the honors or APs of the school education you were not always given enough experience to be ready for what college would bring, education wise. Overall, the school's love for sports, clubs and its community was pretty good.
Nice school with helpful faculty and staff. Overall, my experience attending this school all 4 years was great. It was easy to make friends and the location of the school is in the middle of both parts of the small town. There is a lot of involvement in clubs and sports. Top notch academics help prepare students for their future in an engaging and fun way.
A great school with a long history of being one of the best high schools in the nation. Great teachers that will be understanding while also preparing you for the real world.
I had an incredible experience throughout my four years at Evergreen High School. The teachers and staff are all very supportive, and helped me whenever I needed their assistance.
During my time at Evergreen High School, I have been forced to grow and change as a person. This school has challenged me academically and has pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of. I have discovered a love for certain subjects due to teachers who actually showed a ton of passion toward their fields. I have always felt safe within this community, and this community provides a tremendous amount of support for everyone within it.
My freshman year at Evergreen was absolutely incredible. I loved everything from my classmates to my teachers to all of the clubs. However, sophomore year has proven to be much more challenging and, at most times, overwhelming. I want to push myself in academics, and I am taking AP and honors classes, but the workload is so incredibly time-consuming. In addition to the hours I spend at my dance studio every day, the homework I have often keeps me working well past midnight. How am I expected to do it all?
Overall, as long as you stay in honors classes you will be around good people and talented teachers. Some teachers are absolutely terrible, and others are amazing.
I love it a EHS, but there are to many kids juuling, I think the administration needs something to protect students from such harm.
Evergreen High School was great. The teachers were very knowledgeable and engaging. They taught with modern technology which made it easier to learn. There were a lot of cliques but that is normal in an high school. Overall great school and very welcoming community.
I love the community here at Evergreen. Many of my peers and teachers have definitely helped to push me to do better.
It is a very college-focused school with an emphasis on academics as well as sports accomplishment but little else.
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One of the top public schools in the nation. Great education with a staff of teacher that clearly know what they are doing. All the departments are great but something is definitely off with the foreign language teachers the school can't seem to find any good ones.
Ranked at a 4A for size in most varsity sports, Evergreen High School is not a large, or small school. It has been recognized as a high achievement school , ranked as the top 500 in the nation, receiving Irwin ribbons, as well as blue ribbons consistently. The schooling and learning abilities allow a challenging environment for everyone.
The academic environment of Evergreen High School was incredible. Both the students and the teachers at Evergreen High School are passionate about education. The sports are also very competitive and foster a good sense of community. The entire student body as well as the whole community comes out to support the athletics at Evergreen High School. The only negative was that at Evergreen High School there is a big lack of diversity but that is more a reflection of where the school is located than the school itself.
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