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Very compassionate staff who are passionate about seeing their students succeed. It's a small school population, so it's very easy to get to know everyone. Academics are flexible to help give you the best experience as possible. No athletic teams, but the gym/physical activities are unique (i.e. rollerblading, snowboarding, hiking, bowling, etc.) Because of the limited number of staff, their is not a wide-range of courses. If you were interested in taking an AP nutrition course, mechanics, athletic management, or other more specific courses, you may need to go to the local community college or other after-school programs. Overall, the staff and students try very hard to make sure everyone feels like they belong and can achieve their goals.
Evergreen allows for and encourages student-teacher relationships. The act of teaching has the potential to be very intimate; it changes lives. Because of this intimacy, teacher-student relationships are paramount, and Evergreen provides this.
Evergreen Community Charter School is a phenomenal school. The teachers truly care about their students and prepare them for college very well compared to the surrounding schools. It has grades 6-12th and only has 100 students in the whole school.
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Really great principal and teachers. Small school so if you try to hide in class and just coast, it won't work. Lots of kids who didn't like public school because of bullying or other reasons. Also lots of kids who were previously homeschooled. Mix of hard and easy classes but the hard classes can be REALLY hard. You can't go here if you want to play on a public school sports team unless you have a parent who's willing to pick you up and drive you to the public school for practice and games every day. Gym class is once a week on Friday afternoons. The school doesn't have a gym so we go off-site for horseback riding, bowling, snowboarding, hiking, mtnbiking, etc. No cafeteria so you have to bring your own lunch or you can buy from the deli up the road and have it delivered.
With small classes the teacher student relationships are very valuable. Each student is known as an individual and treated with care.
Evergreen is a small, but well known charter school. They don't discriminate in admissions as it is a lottery system to get in. There are only 100 kids in total.
They prepare you for a college environment while keeping it healthy and friendly in the classroom.
They celebrate their students and alumni with various feasts and events.
It's an amazing little school!
While there are no formal clubs, the students can participate in the annual school play. There students participate in the local annual spelling bee, the students participate in an environmental "thon". The director and staff are always available to discuss concerns. The school takes the students on several educational trip.
The school has several plays and the school incorporates students across grade levels, e.g. 6-8th grade

The school incorporates readings in the classroom with outside experiences.

Students provide community service
The teachers are always available by phone or email. The teachers genuinely care about the students. Some teaching is self directed. The teachers give the students an opportunity to improve their grades.
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