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Everglades K-8 Center Reviews

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Socially, this school really makes you feel at home, you are grown up with children of all ages and your teachers from when you were little can still see you in middle school and how much you've grown. But in middle school, the teachers suck, many dont care or even notice you they are just there to give you tests and tests they dont even explain. THe children in the middle school is the worst part. All the boys use the girls like toys and teachers have no idea about it. In the very halls people suck dicks and make out, send each other booty pics and dick pics, and many students smoke and drink. The administration has found out about this on many occasions yet fail to do anything about it. Take it from me, a current straight A student, the best thing you could do is keep youre child out of this school and into something better because the kids here can turn you're child into something you could never have imagined he/she would become.
Very safe environment for students.
This was always my first choice for my child. It has only improved in the last few years. If I had to do it all over again, I would choose St. Brendan.
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The teachers at St. Brendan are nurturing yet provide an academically challenging environment for their students. They are concerned not only with their academic accomplishments but on the student's spiritual and emotional development.
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