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School is diffrent than any other high school. Dual enrollment is a good start..teachers seem pretty realistic and relay teachings to the real world...Sports dept..needs to show more of an interest to the players
There are a few select teacher that actually care, especially Advanced Placement and honors and very few regulars. Depending on where you land or "look like" you land on this spectrum you can be treated differently especially by administration.
Great diversity. Excellent science department. Accessible faculty and staff. The school promotes community involvement.
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Great school for students that just arrived to the United States the staff is really friendly and ready to help you. The teachers are top notch and always trying to create and friendly environment in the classrooms.It does have a couple safety issues with the studetns fithing but it seems as this year it has been solved.
Everglades high school has a range of different racial and ethnic backgrounds and is only seen as a positive aspect as it allowed me to view different perspectives. Everglades gives the opportunity to choose challenging courses such as AP, honors, and AICE programs which I have taken throughout my high school career . The teachers and faculty help you along the way and guide you to become a better individual and shape you for the real world. Everglades also gives the opportunity to engage yourself in academics related to your desired major. I have been enrolled in the sports medicine academy since freshman year and it provides me with many benefits such as awards and certifications that I will be able to use after I graduate. Furthermore, there are a lot of clubs and activities on campus that students can join in any desired field of study or interest. Overall Everglades high school is one of the best public high schools and recommended to all that reside in that area
Everglades High School is a good school. The food is good, they have a variety of clubs sports and the academic is very good. They recently added the Cambridge Program which gives scholarships and challenges students to take more rigorous classes which means more work, homework and studying.
I liked how I made so many friends and how I was able to enjoy high school more than I did in elementary and middle school. My experience there was great, although, I think there needs to be more improvement with the resources and education.
Very good school. Teachers and faculty actually care about the well being of students and want them to succeed in future endeavors after they leave this school. The school did their best to make four years in high school enjoyable for all students.
It was a great 4 years. Just wished i did better my freshman year. There are a lot of good teachers.
I just graduated from the school and looking back it wasn't too bad. I wish that they offered more classes there but I know the school is steadily growing. The counselors were pretty good. The only thing that bothered me is that I was advised to take AP over Dual Enrollment. My counselors did not inform me that I could've received my associate's degree before even going to college. Never the less with all the credits I earned from AP, AICE, and dual enrollment I am technically a sophmore in college and it's my first year.
Everglades is truly what you make of it. If you stay with the wrong people and make poor decisions, like any high school, you will suffer. While the math department could be better, all the teachers are amazing. The history department is very good and so is English. The amount of clubs available is so large there will definitely be something for you to do. Getting involved with your grade is the best part and it is so easy to do so here.
I have been a student at Everglades High for three years now. I am heading to my senior year. Overall I would say this school has a lot to offer in academics and resources if you take advantage of them. The diversity is overwhelming in a really good way and school culture is very prominent. However, I wish they did more to involve parents.
Everglades is truly an experience. Your classmates can make your day no matter how you feel. The teachers, they are one of a kind (most of them). Some of the teachers are very friendly, and engage if you need help and put aside what they’re doing to help you. The staff care about the school and do everything to make sure it’s safe for every students. The food could be better, but hey, it’s school lunch, never have high expectations. For the past 3 years, my experience have been nothing but amazing.
The past four years of being at Everglades High school was definitely an experience I will never forget. I met some of best friends and favorite teachers throughout the course of being there. There was a lot of school spirit, especially around homecoming and senior week. Their are so many classes that prepared you for your future, like U.S. government and economics. Just that class alone taught me what it will be like when you are an adult and I’m your own
Attending Everglades High School was a very formative experience. It was fun, educational, but overall it was home for me and my friends. Teachers like Mr. Klasner and Mr. Doyle are there to listen and truly teach you the ways of the world. Mr. Fitz-Henley will make you feel relief and loved and Mr. Cordova is just the mentor I needed.
I like how Everglades high school is a very diverse school. My experience with Everglades high school was amazing. It was everything I looked forward to in high school.
You wake up around in the morning to go to school that starts at 7:32 am. The Teachers are helpful. Of course not all them can be the most helpful. Being a student there for 3 (and soon to be 4) years, I have some reasons why EHS should have 4 stars but its just the fact that some teachers ,not all, just don't care as much as other teachers. Some teachers (from my memory 2) care about their students so much one of them has pictures of students from his past that graduated. While the other teacher is able to help out the students the best he can. Another reason is that some students have been known to "vape" and smoke weed. There are days when you can literally smell it off of some students and in the bathrooms. Which begs the question why doesn't the principal do anything about this? I'll never know.
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I enjoyed participating in the JROTC program at Everglades High but I do wish the program had more support financially so they would be able to participate in more events.
I enjoy many of the opportunities this school gives me to take challenging classes and engage in fun extracurricular activities, but I’d like the school to be more connected with its students and there well being. I feel like there is a gap between the staff and many of the students who really need the help, but at the same time there is still some support for a few students.
I liked the school's atmosphere and the different ethnicities represented considering we are a minority school.
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