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I like some of the teachers and students. It’s to many fights that break out. Some teachers just give answers instead of trying to help or actually teach.
Everett high school work really good for me. i am doing all the thing i love and need for my senior year the college adviser councilor and teacher they all great and always help and encourage you to do a good in your class.
I Graduated Class Of 2015 And It was The Turning Point/Prime Of The High School. We Had Students Who Were Still Scholarly And Teachers Who were Actively Engaged With students. Magic Johnson had just changed our food supply and everything.
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Good school if you’re looking for diversity and arts programs. They need to work on keeping the school clean, especially the bathrooms.
Everett High School is an average school to attend. I really liked the teachers because they check up on the students and care about our education. Most of the students tend to mind their own business and will not bother one another unless they talk bad about each other. The staff are kind and understanding at times and the security guards makes me feel safe. So far I hadn't encounter any problems with other students and made friends easily.
when i was a freshman at Everett my sister was a senior or course she didn't claim me, but she taught me the ropes and without it i wouldn't have so successful. The reason i attended Everett was because they are the only school in the district that has a dance program. besides that they actually have teachers that care and respect their job and don't abuse its power. If there is one thing i would change it would be having closed campus lunch. Our school lunch isn't very good and i think giving students the option to leave and come back would support our education. nobody can learn on an empty stomach am i right.
Everett High School can be amazing but it has its flaws like every other high school. My experience here was actually good and from doing good here I will be attending the college of my dreams.
I really love Everett High School, the children (teens) are so nice and some of them will treat you like family. The security guards are very friendly very nice but they also don’t play around when it comes to there job. Everyone really love each other and my school always has events going on, so if you don’t see anyone at one event then you know for sure they’re going to be at another one because how many events are school has going on! Some things I would love to see change is the attitudes from some of us, even some of the adults not just the teachers or the classmates but everyone, like we don’t always have to be rude and upset with one another it’s jus ridiculous! If I had to rate my school it would be an overall 7-8
The teachers here are wonderful and so are the majority of the staff. However, the resources are limited, and the resources we do have are often found in poor condition. There are many students there with a will and need to learn, but those who are there to simply waste time pose as a distraction to those there for their education
Everett High School is a very diverse school. It's a melting pot school where's more than 30-50 different ethnicities . There's nothing that i want it to be changed .
Everett gives students all lot of different opportunities to get involved with things like clubs and plays and even volunteer work.
The normal level classes were not up to par with nearby schools but the advanced AP classes had wonderful teachers that really prepare you for college. There is a lot of diversity that made college life and working with others much easier. The performing arts programs including band, dance, art and theater have amazing instructors and high standards. Overall I loved going to Everett.
Although Everett isn't the worst of the Lansing School District schools, it isn't the best. In contrast to the honors and Advanced Placement classes, the general ed classes are for the most part, poor. The teachers aren't to blame, but the students. There are students who lack morale and show up to class with nothing but headphones and their phone. Also, the science program is going downhill. Recently, full year chemistry and physics courses have been changed to one semester courses. One semester of chemistry and physics will not properly prepare students for college level chemistry/physics.
On the bright side, Everett is very diverse and has a dedicated teaching staff. Everett High School isn't perfect, but there have been some outstanding teachers that care about the students and push us to put our best foot forward. The food sucks though. And can we have some toilet paper and paper towels in our bathrooms for once?
Everett High School is one of a kind. I attended this school for all 4 years of high school. Throughout those 4 years i experienced this school and everything it has to offer. I believe this school has potential and amazing resources for college readiness. The teachers are somewhat lacking, there are very few teachers who care about the students and actually go out of their way to make sure the students are doing well in-school, and outside of school. The administration could improve drastically and they could also focus on working on the issues that matter. Overall my experience with this school was amazing and I honestly would do it again.
Everett High school is a very diverse place. A place to get a good education from. It has good sports and clubs to participate in.
Everett doesn't have the nicest building, but the teachers inside the school are really understanding. If you need help with something there's always a way you can get help. You'll learn a lot to prepare for college, you just have to want to learn.
It was a very nice school, everyone was very friendly to foreigners and the teachers were funny. The classes were a little because of lack of funding for the school.
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Everett High School is a school of diversity, many different types of people, however, staff members can be very rude. Staff members aren't very big on keeping the school a safe learning environment.
Everett High School is a good public school for students who their parents don't have a lot of money. I like the teachers at Everett, they are nice and always trying to help. I like the diversity in Everett, there are students for all different continents, different languages , different cultures and religions. I love being a student at Everett High School.
For the past 3 years of me being at Everett I've had a pretty good experience but I've also had some bad experiances. I'm going to start by stating the goods, having the chance to go to a school like Everett has really tought me alot about diversity, Everett is a very diversed school there's so many different cultures,religions and races, I love the fact that Everett has different cultural clubs were you can go and learn about different cultures.another good thing I love about Everett is that they have sports and other fun activities for special aid children to make them feel involved. But I've also had some bad experiences there, one of my first bad experience is that there are a lot of certain people who make fun of other people's cultures and religion which is something that has to stop. But over all I've have a pretty good experience at Everett night school.
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