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I really liked Everett because it felt safe, it had very kind and helpful staff, and they had great extra curricular activities.
I really enjoyed Everett High School in regards to the people, the teachers, and the experiences it gave me. However, a huge part of a high school is to prepare students for college. In that respect, I'd give it a zero. The counselors are awful and so is the administration and the college readiness curriculum. If you don't want your child to go to college, or if you have a student who is incredibly resourceful on their own, then this is the school for you!
I’ve been to 2 high schools including this one. And of the 2 this is by far the best one! They prepare for testing and college so we’ll its unbelievable. I had a great experience and would give anything to go back. There’s so much school spirit!
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Overall, the people at Everett High are pretty nice. There are quite a few not so great teachers, but there are also a lot of great teachers.
EHS is okay if you get the right teachers, for academics. You can really get screwed over if you get the wrong ones. School spirit is defined as a white kid activity, even though we have a huge population of Not-White students; White kids mainly are the ones who participate in activities. The heating system isn't that great. It's always too hot or too cold, and the bathrooms are gross unless you are the first one to use them in the morning. The location of the school, right next to downtown is very convienent for afterschool snacks. It's a 50/50 chance that admin will be able to help you if you have a question or an issue. There are a lot of stairs.
I liked the way students treated each other so friendly without considering each other's irrelevant characteristics such as race, belief, ethnicity,.... However, one thing that i was concerned about, which is negligible, was the cafeteria's services such foods and it wasn't a sanitary place to eat food. However, overall this high school wasn't bad at all.
At Everett High School, the teachers care about the students, and the students are, for the most part, respectful and tolerant of each other. I have enjoyed the opportunity to play Varsity Baseball, and to play trombone in Concert Band and Wind Ensemble. If you work hard, you learn a lot. You can take AP classes, and teachers make themselves available after school and once-a-month on Saturdays, in case you need extra help or want to make up or redo your work.
What I like About Everett High is the diversity the school has. I also like how the school celebrates different cultures.Everett High school makes students feel important and welcomed. I like that the students are diverse but I would love having a more diverse staff.
I liked how diverse it was when I attended. There are students of every imaginable background that attend this school. The teachers are pretty supportive, and bullying of any kind isn’t allowed here. You’re free to be yourself here. Academics aren’t very rigorous, but the culture here is fascinating.
It’s very friendly and welcoming to all students. One thing I would like to see changed is the bathrooms need to be updated due to the fact that they constantly leak and are broken.
I never felt out of place at Everett High, and that's what I liked about it-- there's a place for everyone. There are also several teachers who genuinely want to help you succeed and form bonds with you. However, having personal issues being dealt with by the principal proved to be useless-- punishment for spreading false rumors was not seen. I think Everett could improve on the disciplinary area and how personal issues are dealt with.
Everett High school offers a secondary education for students that gives a more liberating experience to students seeking a free-er environment.
Most students are very nice to each other. The teachers care about the students and teach well. But alot of students skip classes and there are definitely is quite a bit of smoking in the student body, but most high-schools have this problem. The campus is beautiful, the buildings are great looking and all the trees and flowers make it even better. I personally love Everett High and would recommend going there.
The teachers that cared were great in helping make sure you succeed. Other teachers phoned it in or youtubed it in. The sports aspect, I worked my butt off to succeed because I did not want to play team politics with coaching staff & team who most of them were on drugs. I pushed myself to be the best in an environment that most are barely surviving because they do not try. Future students, do your best, focus on the job at hand and use your resources to excel.
What I liked about everett high school is that the teacher's stay after to help students. What I want to see change is the grading for history because most of my classes grade off of a 4pt scale.
Great resources and hardworking faculty and staff provided a solid foundation for my student as she prepares for college in the fall. Strong focus on college prep work from grades 9-12.
Everett high school is a really good school and the administration is really helpful and all the teachers really try and get to know you they aren't those teachers that don't even want to know you. the students at the school are really diverse people are friends with each other and they don't care about your race, style, music, they are friends with you because they want to get to know you and actually be your friend.
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Everyone is very diverse and kind! The staff care a lot about their students and there are so many potential leaders at this school. Everyone is also constantly being involved, and the students care a lot about each other as well. I am a senior and I have never been treated unfairly by any staff and they are always willing to help out there students when needed.
I'd love to see more clubs in he school, and more people involved in the clubs. I'd also love to see more students showcase their culture and way of life without feeling like they can't when they can express themselves
The academics are very good at this school. The counseling staff is fantastic about creating individual pathways for students rather than forcing them into a defined mold.
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