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Its a very nice school. The teachers teach very good. the food there isn't that good but what school lunch is. Teachers are nice and they treat us like adults. They help us when we need it. the sports department is amazing we have all different type of sports of every kind for both boys and girls.
I like how Everett high school does a food drive every year in order to help families in need during the holidays. I would change our spirit assemblies because they are not fun at all.
I attended EHS for all four years of high school. I enjoyed my time there and was able to find a few really close friends from that school. What I loved most about it is the shared experience we, the student body, all had of living and growing up in a poorer city. We all understood the struggles of having to go through that. The teachers were excellent, some more than others. Especially, the ones who truly wanted to be there & loved their job.
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The teachers and staff were amazing! I always wanted to go to college but never knew the steps I had to take for financial aid or even the application process and they helped a lot! I want to be an educator because I’ve seen the impact they can have on children who only have a dream but no plan. The only thing that was horrible about everett high was the lack of funding. There were so many programs and teachers that deserved better but most of the funding went towards the football team. I love how much emphasis was put on sports because that’s the only way out of everett for lots of the students but there needs to be a protection in place for the teachers that were laid off.
Overall it was a decent school, nothing to brag about, but not bad enough to warrant extreme criticism. The peer pressure in non-AP classes is one of the worst parts of the school. It always seemed like the only people who wanted you to succeed academically were the teachers, the students seemed to care less.
The sports are good. It has a lot of extra curricular activities and so much electives. It is a huge school with close to two thousand students
Teachers were very genuine and care for students who are willing to learn, while that is amazing the school system lacked discipline
Everett high has pretty good academics, and most teachers are great. However there will always be that one teacher that you don't quite love. There is a huge variety of clubs, activities and sports to chose from. The food is okay, they do serve smoothies so that's good.
Everett High School in my opinion can be one of the most rewarding schools to attend depending on how one makes use of the opportunities provided to all students. Students have the ability to participate in nearly every sport. There are a wide array of clubs ranging from those which involve community service, athletics, and education based activities. Not only does Everett High have very successful sports teams but it also leads the country in the fields of science and technology. I was a three year member of the STEM Club which competed in the Ten80 National STEM Competition and won first place trophies in robotics related competitions three times. Overall, my experience at Everett High was one that prepared me to attend Columbia University this Fall. If you take plenty of honors and AP classes this school serves as a challenge that will prepare you or your student for a higher education.
I made alot memories at everett high, new friends, fun experiences, and got a good education. I wish that the school could fun more of the sports other than football, and that most of the teachers could care more about the students.
I would love to see a shift in focus from sports to the art department or an expansion in the number of Ap classes available.
I love how Everett High School's staffs are very supportive and always are on your side. The school is a friendly environment. Although, it isn't as diverse as it is back in Hawai'i. Everyone is friendly if you're nice, too. The campus is very beautiful!!!! The classes are quite a distance but at least we get to inhale fresh air. First year in this school and I'm liking how our counselors are encouraging many students to take AP classes; it will look good on our record.
Everett High School offers a wide range of classes that will suit anyone's interests! The staff members are always available to help students with their homework, college applications, life struggles and many more. No student feels left out here because staff members and students all encourage one another to participate in the various clubs the school has to offer.
I liked being able to find myself as a person in a school where many people were trying their best to hide their true identities. I like that I still found it in myself to challenge people and things that I felt I needed to and let my voice be heard regardless of the outcome. I also enjoyed creating some everlasting friendships in times of hardship. And learning from mistakes I made.
The school is very diverse with people of all ethnicities and heritages attending. Many clubs are offered, and anyone can start a club. Deans and police officers, with the police station down the street, keep the school very safe. AP classes, Dual Enrollment with the local Bunker Hill Community College for free, SAT signup fee waivers, the majority of the AP exam registration fee paid by the school, a college and a scholarship fair yearly, counselors available daily, SAT preparation classes offered, and more, leaves many resources available to ready college-bound students. Numerous sports opportunities are on offer and tons of resources are poured into them, especially the school's football team, which is a special point of pride for it. The food is good, with lots of options on offer. Parents are welcome to be involved as they like, with parent-teacher nights held every quarter of the 4. Overall great school. Would recommend.
My experience at Everett High School was one much to my benefit. I transferred there midway through through high school. Going there was one of the best decisions of my adolescent life. Immediately, I was indoctrinated into the ways of the school. Teachers welcomed newcomers like myself. And, students accepted me as their own.
i enjoy and appreciate all the help everett high offers you for when you’re about to go into the real world as an adult
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Football is coming he only sport that gets cared about in this school. The foods are poor sometimes the milk gets expired. However, EHS has academics very well!! You can choose your classes and classes that good for what you’re majoring in college or in life !!
Everett High School is a beautiful school. When I first moved to Everett and saw the building, it was so big that I thought it was a hospital. The high school is built with a modern touch of one you might see on tv or Disney Channel. It has five floors and the courses offered are diverse. There are more sports teams than I can fully list but our football team is the most noted, and more clubs than I can even remember. The food is so much better than the average high school and as a vegetarian I really appreciated the amount of foods I could chose from other than a salad. There are plenty of bathrooms located on each floor. Everett High School is extremely diverse. My graduating class alone consisted of over 100 languages. My overall experience was great and I wasn't even one of the popular kids.
I liked that it was so multi culture, some of the teachers were so nice and helpful. I transferred my senior year and everyone was so good to me.
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