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Everett Area High School Reviews

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Wonderful school, new facilities, great teachers; offers a lot that you would want to see in a school. It is one of the better schools in the area, has competitive sports teams, many clubs, and more. It also is very supportive of its students, as you can always find a teacher or counselor to talk to. Some of its drawbacks may be its classes; it doesn't offer a ton of classes for its students. Other than that, a great district all around.
I moved back to the area and started my freshmen year here. I have had alot of great teachers who help make the move easier .
Everett High School has been well a high school experience. The school is nice the people decent the food is well it's school food. The teachers well some are very kind and they make you feel like they wanna help you and that you're there friend. Then you have teachers who make you feel like there goal in the school year is to have you fail. The school has a strict dress policy but they only force it upon us that are not favorited. But when my best friend died they had been supportive and understanding to a point it was nice that they had people to talk to but they also refused to let us have her locker open with the flowers and pictures we had put in there. But overall the high school is an okay place.
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I loved high school. My whole class got along, and there wasn't ever any drama. I loved cheering. I would totally go back to high school.
All of the teachers will take time out of their day to make sure you are understanding the material.
There are many extracurricular activities for the students at this school. The one that comes to mind is the music department. The teachers are very involved with the students and encourage participation. In the recent years the band and chorus programs have increased immensely. The students can feel the caring and excitement from the instructors which then allows the students to be excited and it causes a trickle-down effect to the new and upcoming students. At first the music department did not have a lot of support from the administration, but slowly they saw how excited these students were and also at the academics of said students.
It truly depends on which teacher it is. Unfortunately with the regulations that the teachers have a lot of their time is taken up with teaching for the PSSA's, which is a waste of time and does not really teach the students what they truly need. This also takes away from the creativity of teaching so that the teachers are able to reach each student that may learn differently. However there have been some of the teachers that have gone above and beyond this spectrum here at this school and have created activities such a Mystery night for English class. Or the choral teacher who takes hours of time to help a child reach their potential. Consistency in grading is great. Teachers communicate well with students and parents and readily make themselves available.
I would definitely choose this school again for my child to attend. The classroom sizes are smaller then most school so the ratio of student to teacher is not extremely high, which gives the teachers and students to teach and learn in a more conducive manor. Also there is more opportunities for the students to be able to participate in extra curricular actives since the student body is smaller then the norm.
The academics are great for everyone.
Everyone gets along very well.
The parents truly care and would do anything to ensure our safety and happiness.
All the teachers are friendly and caring. Not just of their students but of past students and their fellow staff members too.
All of them have a great personality and very easy to talk to. I would say that most of the teachers try there best to give the students extra help out of school depending on the schedule. The teachers at school all have an interactive way of teaching in class to make learning easier for the students.
Academics should be more rigorous for those going to college.
Good variety of activities for students.
Teachers are knowledgeable and care about the stusents.
Health and safety issues are addressed in a timely manner.
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Teachers at this school are friendly and caring. Lots of pressure is put on student athletes to perform.
Some bullying goes without being solved.
The teachers really help the students.
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