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I am in Puente, which helps me excel in my academics. Puente is a very positive class where I made a group of friends all striving for the same dream, to go to college. I have also, been involved in sports such as softball and waterpolo, which helped me be more invloved with my school. As well, as joining the Baile class my freshman and senior year, performing for my school, and representing my school to the rest of my community. I have also, been president of the Aguilar Guerreras club, along with being vice president of the Baile Folkorico club. All these elements helps build my experience here at Everett Alvarez, providing me the best experience possible. However, a down fall personally are a few of the teachers at Alvarez. Teachers do have a great contribution to our learning and understanding, and unfortunately not all teachers are passionate and willing to do the most to help us succeed.
Everett Alvarez High School is a public school in Salinas California. This school for me is like my second home. It allowed me to discover myself more than I thought I could. The staff is very friendly. This school for me is significant for me because coming from a low-income family having a good education is meaningful to me. This school is very diverse and a majority of the people attending are of low-income families, like me. This school offers amazing programs like the AVID, Puente, and AG Academy programs and the school also offers several clubs such as the national honors society, college club, AVID club and a majority of other clubs. This schools always has activities that help students feel welcomed, I will miss this school once I graduate soon, but I hope many future generations will enjoy it like I did. Overall, I am very satisfied with my experience at the schools.
I really enjoyed this school. I had a lot of fun times with friends. The only thing I would like to see a change in is the amount of students at the school. With so many students there sometimes there is not enough food for everybody and sometimes you do not get to ride on the bus.
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My experience with Everett Alvarez High School has been great.I used to be a student that will leave everything at last minute.I got encouraged to do good and not procrastinate anymore.I was missing many credits and was not gonna be able to graduate but now that i got help from teacher and my counselor in on track and i'm graduating this year.
Everett Alvarez High School is the most diverse high school in the city of Salinas, and due to that, there was little to no social and racial divide. The atmosphere was wonderful and school events and activities truly unified the students and staff. This school had amazing teachers and provided me with many memorable moments. I would have only wished for more courses, but it seems that the high school has slowly been adding more--therefore, there isn't much I'd like to change about this school.
At Everett Alvarez High School, there is a diverse group of students who are overall friendly. There are many teachers here that help students in their academics. The teachers try to help students any way they can, even helping during lunch or after school with students.
I enjoyed the atmosphere! Teachers and staff provided great support and in my eyes they helped me accomplish my dream. Which was attending a university. The teachers and staff do a great job of ensuring that no student is left behind. Everett Alvarez had great clubs and sports teams. It is like a home away from home. A second family.
If you are taking AP classes, you will most definitely have incredible teachers who will provide not only instruction, but also inspiration to pass your classes. There are many great resources for students whose goal is to apply and attend four year universities, like Gear Up and Avid. Overall I can say that I have been enjoying my time at EAHS.
I was well informed about colleges and universities. They helped me stay away from violence and shift my attention towards getting a higher education.
Overall its a pretty average school with very few good teachers. Most teachers genuinely don't care about the student and put no effort into what they do. If you want a good teacher I suggest you take ap courses. Although they are harder it is worth it because these teachers are really supportive. And ultimately it all comes to the teachers that I wish could change. Teachers are what make a school but they are probably underpaid and roughly know the material they teach. That is the only issue with this school that I've come across that really bothers me.
Communication between the district, coaches, teachers, and students need to improve. Needs work on racial equality instead of focusing on only Hispanic students. Staff needs work on discipline of students especially on threats. Education is average to above depending on which staff.
Great school. I enjoyed my time at the school. The school is open campus which means we can enjoy the sunlight everyday. The teachers were really good. They taught the material very well and truly cared about the students.
Everett Alvarez High School is very interesting. There is a lot of culture going around. I love how there are tons of clubs to join and if you cannot find one you are interested in, you can just create one. There is a lot of school spirit around campus.
Everett Alvarez High School is a great place to be to if you're going to have your student take Advanced Placement classes. It is no doubt that we have some amazing AP teachers, but what about the rest of the staff? I have taken my fair share of both AP and regular classes and there is no doubt a huge learning gap is evident. With the students, it is very much easy to get along with everyone.
Everett Alvarez high school is a school where students are expected to successfully graduate but some staff had biased opinions on who deserves to go to college.
Alvarez was just an average high school, some teachers did the bare minimum while others went beyond. The school administration was also average.
I had good experiences with the events. The faculty members are approachable. I would like to see them offer more diverse classes such as ASL, Classic Literature, or Philosophy even.
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My experience at Everett Alvarez High School has been a roller coaster ride. There have been a lot of events going on in our city and everyone at our school is there for each other. The environment at EAHS is one thing that I love because of the campus security that we have as well as the students. If you need help with homework, you can attend an after school tutorial in the library.
It is a great school, but the college going rate is extremely underwhelming. Too many kids get left behind freshmen year and lack the learning necessary to stimulate their minds.
It seems students are just shuffled through the motions and not a lot of extra attention is given to those trying to excel.
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