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Great school with nice teachers who genuinely care about their student. it's hard to leave the school without making a bond with at least one of your teachers. The school itself can be seen in both ways, good and bad. The staff is constantly pushing students to do there work which often is seen like they "hand holding". its also not a regular high school sports/ pep rallies are not their strong suit. However, there goal is to get all their students into a college/ university so that is what they tend to prioritize. Parents are also often involved in activities like camping trips and study trips where students are taken to universities. One of the best things about the school is that it's a very small school with only around 400 students in total 100 for each grade. This really helps teachers really get to know their students a form a connection with them. Also, they do not allow bullying not matter race, gender, sexual orientation etc. Bullying is not permitied period.
Everest has allowed me to grow and change as a person. Walking in, I was very lost in my personality and goals/ambitions. Attending Everest has allowed me to explore my passions. Freshman year, I co-founded Everest Environmental Leadership Team (EELT). Over the years, we have cleaned local beaches, educated the public, introduced composting at our school and currently implementing Elkay water system to promote the use of reusable water bottles. I have also been able to explore more of my major/career choice here. In sophomore year, I took Psychology and fell even more in love. This year I choose to do an internship and for a few weeks now, I have been working at San Mateo Outdoor Education (SMOE). This has taught me much first-hand experience in working with all different types of children and also combined my love for the outdoors. No school is perfect but I can truly say (as a Senior) that Everest has prepared me for College and set me up with more opportunities than anyone else.
Summit public schools has a great mission but it's impractical to do at a high school level. They should have started with younger students.
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It has an "ok" environment. A really small school of about 400 students averaging around 100 per grade. Uses a "self-directed learning" curriculum which, in my opinion, is not that good.
At this school the teachers love to teach, they want their students to do well and are always there for them. The class sizes are small and the community feeling you get here is the best feeling. The fact that you can also take the learning at your own pace, while also learning to meet deadlines is what makes this school so unique.
Very accepting school with a great community that helps and encourages students to reach their full potential.
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