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I like to diversity and the initiative that the teachers have when it comes to helping their students. It is honestly a nice community to be apart of.
I love Everest because it is highly a small school! It gives me the opportunity to reach out to my teachers, getting one on one help, and overall create relationships with them. It is definitely a college prep school where we are surrounded by my technology and playlists that help us independently study on our own. We have a tradition every year where all freshman, sophomore, junior, and seniors go on a camping trip and create community bondings! It is diverse which makes me feel more like at home since I am from East Palo Alto and not Redwood City. They give the best elective classes that are UC Approved, for example, Ethnic Studies, in which a few schools don't really include. I am in my Junior year and had spent the last 2 in a half years has an unweighted GPA of a 4.0. Everest gives all students the opportunity to be in AP classes to give them the challenge of their education. Overall, it is a great school and can't believe I am leaving in less than 2 years!
Overall, I like my school, the schedule isn't the best, but I feel as their education system, is amazing and fits me most as a student than any other high school I think of. Everest Public High School is a college prep charter school with not many students attending which does make it easier for me because I feel like I'm a student that requires a lot of attention from teachers in order for me to be at my best, it also makes the work for the teachers kind of stress free too. My school also offers many all around subject courses like Screenwriting classes, which I'm going to be a teacher assistant for because I enjoy cinematography a lot.
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Everest helps bring other students together as a community. Teachers at this school care so much about your education and will do so much so you can succeed.
The school itself needs more extracurricular activities and more mental health resources. Overall all I had a good time and met a lot of great people who were helpful and kind.
I have been given all the academic necessities to succeed in academia. Additionally, the environment promotes a growth mindset and passion for education! I have learned and developed so many skills! I am proud to call myself and Everest snow leopard.
This year been pretty nice. Very calm and teachers always willing to help. The system is different from other schools, that’s how it makes our school really different from others. Everyone is nice to eachother, everyone knows eachother. Also, every teacher knows you, they all try to get to know you. The best part of the school is that we have mentors and each mentor has at least 20 students. Everyone within the mentor group becomes more like family. We stay together since our first year of high school. The mentor group helps eachother, we study together, we go in trips together and many more activists. Something that I really love from this school is that at the beginning of the school year the whole school goes camping together, we meet new friends and we get closer to them. Also, at the middle of the school year, we go to visit colleges. We get to learn what’s great about the college and what majors they have, the dorms, etc.
I loved the teacher's commitment to connecting and support their students. I definitely would not have been able to pass my classes without their understanding and support both academically and emotionally/mentally. I do however have a lot of problems with their choices of academics. The way they integrated the new computer system for my grade, during our junior (most important) year, was very harmful to my academic career. However again through their support I was able to work with it. Also, I feel the 'college prep' aspect only helped me with determination and how to take online classes, not a lot of prep for lectures.
this school is so bad my son went there and he said the teachers didn't help at All and one of his sisters said the same thing
At the beginning of my freshman year there it actually wasn't that bad. It was great actually at least for me it was. It wasn't until my sophomore year there in which they began to change the way the school system taught it's students and dropped the traditional way and began to implement a self-directed learning method. It probably sounds good on paper, but was poorly executed in the beginning and spend the next 3 years trying to fix itself. It wasn't for everyone and could definitely use some improvements. The school and the teachers are great there is nothing wrong with that however, the way we learned at that school wasn't very great.
The teachers at this school are fantastic, always helpful and there to help students progress. The administration can be very slow and is sometimes lacking. Although the curriculum is very different to a normal high school it works to help students learn.
I do not believe this school is completely a college prep charter school, however, it has helped improve my grades through their self directed learning curriculum.
Everest Public High school is an incredible place to grow. My teachers really take their time to know me. They go out of their way to help kids that seek help. The school environment is also really friendly. My classmates feel like brothers and sisters. My mentor group is so cute and I love them all. I feel like everest is an amazing place to grow and I'm so lucky to have gone to this school for almost three years. The school has grown so much since I was a freshman. We have more rules now and the school functions with more authority. Freshman year till now there wasn't really an authority figure because no one was scared of the principle because he was so nice and friendly. Now the principle is still nice, but he sets boundaries. Like many other teachers do now too. I feel like the school runs much more smoothly and I feel like the environment at everest is so supportive and helps you reflect on yourself so you can become the best version of yourself.
I like that the teacher really wants to help their students. One thing that I will like to see more is less computer and more working with the students.
This school is not how I expected it to be. Probably the best part of Everest is just how close the community is. The teachers here are extremely dedicated and passionate in what they teach. They provide such a supporting environment and are always encouraging people to do their best; they truly care about the students.
It's great but not the best because the system is still changing we have tutors now so it's kind of like relearning a new system, and sometimes I feel like I am teaching myself. But it's good beause we do problems in class and small group discussions and we have office hours every week if we don't get something.
It's great beacuse this school is tiny it's kind of hard not making friends. And when somebody is having a tough time or doesn't talk to anyone usually a student or teachers fix that and kindly introduce them to people.
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Our school is a place where students can come and learn and feel safe. However we don't have security cameras or school searches or anything because we live by a code of integrity and trust which most people follow.
At this school to be honest their is not much of a variety of extracurricular activities because we are a school who focus mainly on academics which is why our college percentage acceptance rate is so high. But the extra curricular activities that have lasted the students are very devoted to and this will make them well rounded people.
I don't know a lot of the parents personally but the ones I do know I see them at celebrate Everest events and volunteering for school trips sometimes the same parents come every year and I think that's amazing.
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