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Everest Collegiate High School & Academy Reviews

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I loved the attentiveness of the teachers, and their willingness to help us succeed. I also was thrilled that there was a chapel right on campus, as well as Legionaries and Consecrated.
Great small school. Class sizes are no more than 15 or so. Athletics are very good for a school this size. The Arts are OK, but this school is not for the band or theatre lover.

The grads are ready for tough colleges upon graduation. I have not heard of one graduate that struggled.

All in all, an excellent school that prepares its’ students for rigorous universities.
Everest has been an absolutely fantastic school for the lower grades. I have been very happy with the outstanding teachers and have encouraged friends to send their kids to EA. As my kids have reached middle school and beyond, I feel like I can no longer recommend Everest. Things have definitely taken a turn for the worse in the last 2-3 years. The teachers are still outstanding, however, the administration has made some poor decisions. One bad decision has led to another and many of them seem to be financially related. Unfortunately, this means the admin has to let the standards slide in order to keep the tuition dollars flowing. I have quietly started talking to fellow parents about leaving this year or next and am surprised to hear of so many other families quietly planning to leave at the end of this year. So many families seem so saddened to see what is happening to the school we have loved so much.
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Everest Collegiate High School has truly prepared its students for the college life, as well as it has taught the students how to integrate their faith into their everyday life.
Everest Collegiate High School really prepared me for life. As I graduated in 2017, I felt prepared to go away to a new school and start a new phase in my life. This all happened because of the dedicated faculty and staff members that truly loved what they did and gave it their all when it came to their jobs. I remember if I ever had a question, all the teachers were eager to help and really wanted me to understand what I was learning. Also, almost all the students in my class were involved in an extra curricular or sport of some kind, which really shows how the students were well rounded and the opportunities that the school gave us to participate outside of the class room. With all of this said as an Alumni, I would definitely consider this school without a doubt.
Great school and great teachers. The environment is safe and healthy. The Catholic identity is alive on our campus. The only downfall is the school's stress on participating in a sport. Being more of an arts student myself, most of the concentration and funding seems to lie on the athletics rather than in the band, drama, and art programs.
Although I believe that homework is a necessary part of education, Everest seems to put this to the extreme. I tend to have at least 4 or so hours of homework a night, making time management skills a big must.
Overall, I wouldn't trade my time at Everest for anything. I have learned so much at this great school. What I love about Everest is that you can walk through the hallways and know the name of every single person you pass, and they smile at you and say hi. I definitely recommend Everest for Math, English, and Science lovers!
Our 3 children attended Everest Academy & Everest Collegiate. It was the best family decision we have made. Our 3 kids were well prepared for college and well prepared for life's challenges. Our children can view situations with an open heart & mind & make decisions based on the fundamental truths of what is right and just. It was important that our children understood the history & teachings of the Catholic church. There is no Catholic school in this area that is teaching the Catholic faith like Everest. If your faith is important to you and you want your children to understand what they believe and why then this is the school for your family. We feel you can get a good education at other schools but what makes Everest different is that they incorporate God's truth and teachings into their subject matter. As a parent, I also learned truths & traditions about my Catholic faith that I was never taught. We grew in faith as a family, you can not put a price on that!
I enjoyed my time at Everest. It is a small private school with about 110 students in the high school. My education from Everest prepared me very well for college classes (I go to Kettering University), and I was able to play four different sports and join other groups such as drama because of the small numbers. The one thing I would like to see change is the "bubble" environment. I have made friends easily in college and high school, however, a lot of the "outside world" was shocking when I left Everest.
Everest has a vibrant community atmosphere and feels like a family. There is a nice balance of dedication to the faith and academics. Courses throughout the curriculum are challenging and prepare you well for college. In the high school, the math and computer science departments are top notch. Sports are also excellent for a small school.
Went here from pre school through high school. Some positives are the smaller classes sizes, giving you more time with the professor and the overall academics the school provides. Other pluses are competitive sports teams and other activities for after classes.
Everest Collegiate High School has been a great experience for me. The teachers are great and the administration is very helpful. The principal is always available for the students if they want to discuss something about the school, and the teachers are very helpful too. I know that I am being prepared well for college.
I overall had a good experience at the school, though it so for those who like a smaller, closer knit community. I liked how close and personal the relationship between the teachers and students. They really care about your education. However, I would like more extracurricular activities to be included.
Everest Collegiate and Academy strives for excellence, and it is seen through the students, teachers, and staff. Christ is at the very center of the school and in everything they do. The students who have graduated have been well prepared for college and come back and say that their college classes are easy compared to what they experienced at Everest. The teachers and staff give individualized attention to all the students.
The teachers provide the right amount of challenge to prepare the students for college. This year they introduces Chrome Notebooks into the High School.
For the most part ok. The teachers and administration could be more proactively involved in heading some of the personality issues off at the pass but choose to look the other way. Especially if it involves a family with lots of money to donate to the school.
The extracurriculars are limited compared to public schools. You have sports or drama and that is about it.
Overall the ciriculum is appropriately challenging and prepares students well for college.
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It seems like a big family and everyone is very caring and not exclusive
They are very devoted and will take the time to individually help each of the students in a way they will understand and learn from
I never worry about the health and safety policies at my school. The janitors, nurses, and cooking staff do a fabulous job
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