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Evelyn Hanshaw Middle School Reviews

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Not in the best neighborhood but the teachers and office staff were amazing and really cared about the students.
Most of the classes offered at this school are plain and normal classes needed for students. I wish we had more electives to choose from so that we could find passions outside of the classroom.
The cafeteria is very clean when we go and eat and we are also allowed to sit outside at the tables or in the grass area and everyone does a good job at picking up after themselves so the campus stays clean. I wish we had more options when it came to eating. A lot of the food sold at the snack bar is junk food, so it's hard to find something healthy.
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The staff here are great when it comes to dealing with the students. The campus monitors know how to connect with the students and you can say they are almost father like figures. They are strict when they need to be, but they connect with the students as well.
While I was there, I was involved in a huge group of kids from my culture but also different cultures. It was great while it lasted, and the teachers were wonderful. I met some great people, and If i had to do it over again, I would choose this school again, because it wasn't just a place to go to school, it was a place to have fun and be with your friends and almost family in some way. Your own community, outside of home.
One of the great things about Hanshaw is the fact that they have transportation for students who live farther off from the school. It takes them to and from school, in different areas of the city. One of the things I dislike, however, is that all through out my years at Hanshaw I don't ever remember once seeing my guidance counselor.
Well, when I attended, our games were usually filled! and loads of students were very passionate about their sports and such so that impacted the school spirit very positively!
Overall at school, diversity is huge. The minority groups are the biggest at the school, and everyone has a place where they belong. You never see one group made up of one single ethnicity. It's very normal to see scattered cultures and features all over the place.
I'm not sure how to answer this, since I myself wasn't in many clubs, but our web leader group was awesome! We could've used more training though. Other than that, it was fun and a great leadership experience.
The school, while I was there, had a big problem with weed smoking in the bathroom occurring frequently as well as fights. Now, there is that problem at every school, but I wish we would have had a more healthy and safe environment for us. It was scary sometimes going to the restroom if you didn't know the people that were smoking, because they might've thought you were gonna tell and roughed you up or something. I never had any problems, those things are very plausible though.
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