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Eveleth-Gilbert Senior High School Reviews

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This is a nice school in a small town. There isn’t much diversity because there isn’t much in the town. The best part about this school is the college readiness; there are lots of CEP classes available, especially in the science department.
What I liked about Eveleth Gilbert was all the teachers that helped me when I was having difficulty in a class and were there to just listen to what I had to say. They made sure I understand the material and weren’t super harsh if I didn’t understand a certain objective. Also, the students at Eveleth Gilbert were wonderful. It is a great atmosphere to have. All the students are friendly and them as well will help you out if you have a question with anything.
The school district is small which is has its good points and bad points. The teachers are awesome and help in many different ways. The new high school principal does not fit into our district.
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For me it has been a good experience. They have had problems with bullying, but most schools do. I feel as though they have a good academic system and good teachers.
There are many extracurricular activities available. Many people are involved and there are little-to no students who I don't know who are in at least one club athletic or non. Book Club is a newer and fun option, and I absolutely love Knowledge Bowl.
This school has amazing teachers that are interesting and creative. But some of the students are not as wonderful. I admire the way the teachers at my school handle their erratic and immature behavior.
Most of my teachers that I have had at Eveleth-Gilbert are top-notch. They are very informative in what they teach, and they teach well. Some may disagree, but those tend to be the kids who don't try or don't listen. I find the teachers to be of high quality. Most of their teaching styles are wonderful, and almost all of the teachers show an interest in their students, above and beyond what they need to. I think that the teachers at Eveleth-Gilbert are amazing.
They could offer more complicated classes for the students who need them
Overall it was a good school to go to. We had good teachers and for the most part good students too.
overall the classes here seem to do pretty well academically. Almost always high scores in reading and science.
Its alright, theres not a whole lot of healthy choices however. Common food they had were pizza, fries, hamburgers, bread sticks etc.
The teachers I had were always good and helped the students to understand things completely.
I never personally was involved in them but from what I heard from my friends is that it was really nice and they had a lot of options.
I felt like I was mostly prepared but there was somethings they could've added to the program.
The guidance counselor was very good while I was in school.
Quality and Condition is modernized.
More options would be nice.
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Our sporting areas and equipment aren't the best in the state, but we do have some good teams. You just have to make the most of what you have, and work together to be successful. It's not all about equipment and field quality.
I love going to school here at Eveleth-Gilbert SH. The staff and faculty are beyond wonderful, and I love my classmates. My teachers do everything they can to help you succeed, and our counselor wants to see us do well, and she cares about us. Us students aren't just treated like numbers here, we all know each other and it's nice knowing that people actually care about your success.
Eveleth-Gilbert Senior High School is very strict about it's policies. Our principal does not take things lightly and is not afraid to put her foot down. It's nice going to a school where I didn't have to worry about not being protected by the faculty.
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