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At Evart High School everyone fits into two categories people who are involved and people who are not I am one that is involved. If you were to walk into Evart High School you would see that safety is our schools number one priority we have had countless assemblies on how to be safe in our school. Some of the teachers in our school have been at Evart High School for a very long time. This meaning most of those teachers do not want to adapt to the advancements in technology or don’t know how to which as a student can be quite frustrating. Our schools lunch program has raised the price over the years but has not changed at all as far as what they serve. Our principal Jessica Kolenda and school counselor have worked very hard to change our school into a college readiness school however I feel that in a way this want to have a college readiness high school has had the opposite effect.
I enjoy Evart High School because everybody knows everybody. Each grade class size is less than seventy students.
Evart High School is a very small public school in a tiny town. Diversity is almost non-existent. Academics are lacking but most of the teachers are good at their job and great people. Most students have gone through the entire Evart public school system so if you're new, making friends can have its difficulties. If you take the time to get to know the staff you can have pretty good relationships with them. Sports teams are anything special unless your in cross country. There aren't many upper level classes so college readiness wasn't there.
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I believe that this is a good school to start your children at. They really do on making sure your kids are progressing at a respectable rate. Though one of their greater challenges are there student body. The school tends to be rather close minded and doesn't exactly appreciate people who are different. The teachers however are fantastic and if I went through school once again I would love to be among the teachers once more.
Most of the extracurricular activities are for sports. We have an art club once a week, band, quire and student government but the vary for different groups are deemed unimportant. If you are nonathletic and not into arts then there really isn't a place for you.
Some teachers are great and very helpful while others are more willing to allow students to be confused and have the few students that do understand help everyone. They are usually knowledgeable in the class they are teaching but that doesn't mean that they are able to make others understand it. Each teacher does grading slightly different their grading scales for instance are always slightly different.
We don't really have safety policies other than you have to be let in because the doors are locked, this system was created this year.
Evart high school staff overall is good. But some staff members ruin this image.
Our students take care of their own, i wish i could say the same for our faculty
we need a new principal and a new super intendent
This school has the potential to be a great school but certain members in the faculty bring this school down.
we have no clubs except for spaghetti bridge and oddessey of the mind, which honestly only the super stuck up christian kids join.
Due to the staff our students hate our school so its very hard to get into the spirit. most students are switching schools or going and doing online classes
We have a mix of good and bad teachers, as every other school has, but when we have less than 25 teachers and half are worthless then we start to see problems
We have a few sports, but not many. our students have spirit, our teams and coaches work hard.
It's easier to starve and eat at home, at least being hungry doesn't make you have the runs or constipation
The Super Intendent and principal are completely and utterly useless, before we had a man who had sex with a student and he did a better job than these two clowns.
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The athletics is the best around for coaches and athletes.
The safety of the school is prevalent. There aren't any issues among the students.
The school is strict about the rules and it is hard to get away with anything.
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