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It was smaller, so class sizes were nice. I felt as though most of the teachers went out of their way to help me when I needed it, and for a student as busy and active as myself, that was extremely important to me.
I have always felt safe. Also I have a IEP and the teachers and staff, have always been there to help me succeed. I would recommend anyone who has a learning disability to try out my school.
Evansville High School is small. The students and staff know you on a first name basis, which is nice when you are new to the community. The teachers take the time to get to know their student by supporting them in the classroom and on the court or field. The school is not diverse and it would be nice to see a change in this area in the near future by changing things within the community to make others feel more welcome.
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Evansville High School is unique school. Like most towns in the midwest, we are small and agriculturally focused. We have many classes dealing with agriculture and an entire wing of our building dedicated to "shop classes". On the other hand we have strong AP, computer sciences, and music programs. One thing our high school does every spring is a musical. This show is always incredible and draws crowds from all over southern Wisconsin. Another thing that is nice about our school us that the teachers are very concerned for your well being and want to see you succeed. Most teachers will give up lunch or time after school inorder to make sure you get the help you need. The students at Evansville, for the most part, are friendly and inviting. We have a wide variety of people that are interested in many things.
All of my peers were successful in getting into their desired college. Thank you Evansville Highschool!
Evansville focuses too much on sports and not enough on academics. It would be nice to see greater choice in classes.
My years at Evansville High School are going to be remain with me for the rest of my life. High school is definitely a journey; along the way you will meet people you agree with and people you do not - a clear parallelism to life. Therefore, it is what you make of it. Being a small town high school, there is not a lot of diversity or change that occurs, but that does not mean a dull experience. To reiterate: it is what you make of it. Be kind, be courageous, challenge yourself and you will find happiness within the halls of Evansville High. I know I did.
As a current student, I enjoy Evansville High School. Although, our school is lacking the resources needed to be ready for college. We are told to take surveys to determine who we should be, without really understanding what it is exactly. I would like to see change in better tools used to college preparation, such as a required class to teach such things. For instance, applying for scholarships, what to look for in a college, and so on.
A lot of teacher at this school put in a lot of work to help kids succeed. They do more than have to each day.
The senior project is new and required starting with the class of 2015. I never saw the point of it but it's not as awful as it seems. Just stay on top of it.
Unless you do sports you will not get any funding for anything you do. Arts would be so much better even if we got 1/2 of what the football team currently gets
The variety is lacking, the cafeteria is nice though.
I know very little about the policies.
The program has changed a lot with funding.
A lot of the teachers are very young.
My experience here was very great. I greatly enjoyed my extra curricular activities.
I definitely was not prepared for college, however my experience since has been great.
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I absolutely adore the Theatre department. This year is our fiftieth musical and we're going all out for it. We're doing four shows as opposed to our usual three and we're doing at least one special event at ever show. For one show we'll do a Cabaret, for another we'll do a tea-time for little girls where they can dress up and get their picture taken with the cast. For another show, we'll have a fancy dinner for sponsors.

The Theatre department is also extremely open and accepting to anyone. We have everyone from sports kids to seeming social outcasts join our drama family. It really is a drama family. We spend so much time together during shows that the family is constantly growing and changing. At "Circle Up" for musical we get most everyone crying as the seniors share happy memories from their experience in Drama.
We occasionally have a chef come in and give us some change from the normal taco/burger/"potato bar"/"wing bar" spread. He's come in twice this year and both of those times have been this month.
The Principal and Vice Principal both are very involved in sports. They absolutely adore the sports team. The Principal has only very recently become slightly more present in the arts; doing the bare minimum.

The guidance counselors are stellar in their work. They work very hard to try to please all students, though they realize that isn't always possible.

There are nice policies against bullying, and the dress code is loosely noted. Attendance is good, last year a girl graduated who had not missed a day of school her entire career at the High School.
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