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ETHS is a very good school and it helped me grow and be the best I could be. I would not be where I am today if it weren't for ETHS. I have met a lot of people who have shown me how to be a better person. I have met a lot of teachers who have shown me how to be hardworking and independent.
Evanston Township High School for me is the most diverse school that I have been. It has the most relevant resources to help you succeed in your goals. ETHS also has a state of the art facilities that will cater students needs and the school building is just amazing.
ETHS is one of the best high school out there. It has the best of each category and really there is not much to complain about.
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I really felt at home at my high school! My teachers were all really supportive and even though we were a big school (my graduating class was a little over 700) they always made time to help. I participated in so many extracurriculars and that made navigating through the school so much easier.
I am a senior at ETHS, and I am PROUD to be a Wildkit. Being here for the past four years has been such a privilege. The activities and resources given to us are never ending and students are given the chance to choose the course of their education with the aid and guidance of incredibly supportive staff members. Free speech is encouraged no matter how popular or unpopular your thoughts and beliefs are, and the community is open-minded and safe for many of the students. Of course, there is always something that needs to be worked on or improved, but the best thing to see is that the school is able to notice and aid in bettering various situations.
What I like about Evanston Township Highschool is the amount of opportunities they provide students. Not just including clubs and sports but also the endless resources they provide. They provide access to internships, tutors, mentors, after-school programs, before school academic support, counseling, and awareness on multiple issues in the school and around the community. They get kids involved with their education and engaged in their education and community.
Evanston Township High School is my second family. They have allowed me to grow as a person throughout my four years and still continue to guide me through my life (College Junior). ETHS is a unique family which welcomes every student who walks through their doors and pushes them to become the best version of themselves.
Evanston Township High School is an Excellent school academically. It has so much to offer as far as classes, clubs, activities, sports, resources etc. It has changed so much over the years offering the students the opportunity to excel
and prepare them for the real world once they graduate. All three of my children have attended this high school as well as myself. If there is one thing that I would change about the school, it would be to not take altercations so lightly. I have seen unpleasant videos of the children engaging in physical altercations to only find out that they are back in school the next day. Violence should be totally unacceptable with a zero tolerance policy
What I liked about Evanston Township High School was that it embraced diversity and different cultures. What I would like to see changed is how safety handles situations and the food.
Evanston Township High School is an extremely diverse school with multiple resource centers to get your work done and the help you need in Classes. It offers a wide range of opportunities and classes for all students alike. My favorite area in the school are our sports facilities that offer athletes the equipment they need to be the best athletes possible.
I love how ETHS has plenty of clubs and after school curriculums and they also make the school safe for students of all races, sexuality etc.
Evanston has very good academics but it is very large and sometimes difficult to get extra help from teachers when you need it.
My experience at Evanston Township High School was a great one. I am an Alumni and I enjoyed my 4 years before graduating. One of the things I would like to see change was to be more prepared with getting ready for college and my future. I would of liked if there would of been more classes that helped me prepare for it all. For example I wish there was a class that could teach me about loans, taxes, and credit.
Graduating next year, I see ETHS in a different light as I did as a freshman. Everything seemed so scary at first, but after acquainting myself with the resources and educators I understood that this high school wants you to succeed. Many opportunities, many classes to take, many clubs to join and many friends to make; it's always a great day to be a Wildkit!
Evanston township high school is a pretty great school. Good academics, teachers, and diversity. But i think the school could spend their money towards better things that they have in the past.
ETHS is a very big school that has many opportunities available to its students. My main interests are art specifically photography and at ETHS I have had great teachers who have been there for me immensely in learning the art of photography and following my dreams.
Since Evanston Township was an extremely big school, you always had the chance to meet someone new almost everyday and join all types of activities/clubs. Also at Evanston, there were many academic and career resources. For example, there was a college and career center where people would help you get jobs throughout your high school career, or even help with scholarships and applications for college!
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Evanston Township offered a lot of resources including a counselor, multiple social workers offices, an academic center for kids falling behind in their classes, and avid room, a student center with multiple tutor rooms for specific subjects, college and career center, college advisor, credit recovery and so much more. It made it so that success was not hard to obtain.
i love my school because we really have some cool teachers who make class interesting and really make you want work hard they also give me support.
I had a great time in high school. It is a large school with a lot of different "groups". It takes a while to find your group and some people get lost. The teachers were usually good - but some duds. It's easy to get overwhelmed so you need to look for help and advocate for yourself. I was very involved in the Theater Department which was an incredible experience.
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