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I would like to see the staff actually enforce the policies and not choose favorites. I like how the school has open campus, and lots of lunch choices. I like late start monday's and early out fridays
What I liked about it was the fact that no matter the person who you were, you could go at the games or pep assembles and still feel at home with your students and teachers
Evanston High School is like many other High Schools. It's a great school for the social aspects but it mostly an average school. I'd like to see a bit more money spent outside of the football and wrestleing teams and I'd like to see faculty treat students a bit more like adults. So that the students gain a bit more responsibility.
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Evanston High School, in my experience has been very good for providing students, such as myself, with a great educational program. The classes are vigorous and keep students interested in the subject and the teachers will always work with students to make sure they are on track. I have found that all of my teachers are very welcoming and caring about the students and make sure they are on track for success. The other administrative staff such as the principles and the counselors also make it their number one goal for students to succeed and it is very clear.
My experience at Evanston High School has been a blast. There are so many activities to be involved with. From clubs like speech and debate to sports- track, football, basketball, etc. Being in my senior year I wish I would have been more involved throughout the years but I still enjoyed the four years I was there. There are so many great teachers that are willing to help with anything you need and the principles are always willing to listen to new suggestions. Something I would like to see change is that the staff and priniciples would ask more of what the students think about the changes they make to the school or the schedule. In the last year they have changed the schedule a few times and it gets really confusing. But overall, I have loved going to Evanston High School for the last four years.
It was a great school till I got to my senior year then realized I had no idea how to prepare for college. The teachers are also very biased, however some of them are really good at teaching. It is a small town and that does reflect at the high school. The sporting events are great though, we definitely have the best student body in the state of Wyoming :)
The most amazing school FOR an high schooler to acheiev his or her goals in future. Very supportive and helpful facilities and staff
Even though this school is small you get to know so many people and make so many new friends. The student body at this school is just amazing. There is no other school that I would rathe be at.
I had a very well rounded education at Evanston High. I was able to easily talk to my teachers if I need help with homework or classwork. I was also felt comfortable voicing my opinion with my teachers, even if it opposed them. HOWEVER, I feel like the school is way focused on sports overall we spend ridiculous amounts of money for certain teams when there are groups like band and choir that have a very little budget provided. This results in kids in certain groups to miss out on amazing opportunities, because of money shortage for the group.
I like playing sports. The academics weren't bad. I was able to take college concurrent enrollment course while I was a junior and senior so that was great.
Teachers tend to be biased on occasion. It is predominately Mormon and faculty is also Mormon, so those who are not sometimes end up on the short end of the stick. Coaches are very much the same way. Those with affluent family names tend to benefit the most. Yet, there are a select few who are quite compassionate towards all students and encourage a loving environment. The education itself thrived to an extent. Once I hit college, I was not prepared for academic writing or did not know any proper studying skills. I was ill prepared.
Evanston High School is very up to date with technology and class lessons. With a wide range of available classes, any interest can be pursued.
I really like Evanston High School they have good teachers and programs and I am glad that I went there.
What I liked about Evanston High School is that it is a small school so you are able to interact with everyone in the school everyday. I also liked that the learning experience is very individualized and the teachers revolve their planning on what will help you the most. My schools motto is 'We aim towards the highest.' The principal really tries to incorporate this into everything that we strive to achieve.
What I would change is to incorporate more individualized learning to prepare you for a career that you are interested in going into. I with that there would have been more classes that were offered that would have led me towards the field of Criminal Justice, since that is what I'm interested in. Overall I really enjoyed my experience at EHS and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world!
My experience at Evanston High School has been the best. I really love the high school. I like my band classes and all my extra curricular activities are awesome. I'm taking a College English class and I really love it.
What I like about Evanston High School is how much school spirit there is. Whether it's football, basketball, volleyball or any other sport you can always count on the stands to be packed full of cheering students. Being part of the pep band always makes the games more enjoyable, you can always count on not being able to talk after one because you were yelling so hard.
Something that the school should improve on is some of the activities leaders don't really have their acts together so there's never meetings or anything like the club is suppose to have.
I liked the ability to participate in school sponsored activities. That was by far my favorite part of high school. I would like to see better math instruction.
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I've only been at this school for about two months! all the teacher are amazing they teach you well but in a fun way unlike all my other teachers have done.
Evanston High School has amazing teachers who put a lot of creative energy into making the assignments fun as well as educational. The staff strive to give every student individual attention. The school is a huge advocate for detecting and stopping bullying and helping students that seem depressed and in need of assistance. Evanston High School has an awesome GEAR-UP Program for college readiness.
lots of sports and art programs like drama with plays and stuff but not a lot of student support
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