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When it comes to Evans High School, there is no other like it. The school pride and opportunities offered there like the I.B. Program and the A.P. and Honors courses provide an experience of a lifetime.
Most staff are very helpful but i believe there are some unnecessary rules and the principle is a little strict.
My time at Evans High School was pretty average. My senior year was not like I expected it to be. Having a new principle change everything. The principle wasn't as involved with the students like the previse principle.
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The school does not really care about the students' outcomes. The teachers are unprofessional and do not have the ability to be teaching AP classes and most of the time even the regular classes. The school is not that good at controlling the usage of vape/e-cigs among the students.
Everything is great, from the education to the resources available. All the staff members are really nice and they're reasonable. The education is very good especially the IB program. The food is a little repetitive, everything is the same every year. Other than that, Evans is really a great school. No question asked!
I love how the students are diverse, and how our principal care about the school and our success. He has changed the school completely from the old principal. I was in the 9th grade when I had the old principal but 10th grade, the school became neat, beautiful, and a place you can achieve anything in. I am currently in the 11th grade, and I love my school. I would love to see the dress code change into uniforms because kids would care more about schoolwork then trying to look good for school.
My experience at Evans High School has been great due to the programs that they offer and the teachers that teach us to be leaders. I enjoy each and everyday going to school because there are alot of opportunities to be involved at my school.
I enjoy going to Evans High School. No matter what other people think or say about my school. I am a proud Trojan. A school that care about our success and want us to be someone successful in life. Making sure we have everything we need with hesitation.
I overall like Evans as a school. It is very diverse and active in the students lives. Only change is the time management. Spacing events out would work better with everyone’s schedules. Overall great studies and dress code could be less strict but Evans is really amazing.
What I like about Evans High School is that there is a various amount of opportunities for students to be able to be apart of the community and be able to join plenty of clubs to get a feel of what's it like being apart of an organization.
I liked the diversity that Evans brought. the teachers are great and there's a lot of good people who care for you. I would like to see more of that, More good people helping these children including myself.
What i like about evans high school is the fact that they are open to helping students in the areas where they struggle the most. What i would like to see change is being more involved in getting students prepared for college more.
I believe Maynard Evans High is a very good school which pushes it's students to do their best and is always improving each years.
There are many things that I like about Evans high school, there are many different program and clubs to join and that are there to ensure your success. The school has a very diverse country with many diferent cultures to expain however one thing i would like to see that changes is the attitudes of some staff and teacher sometimes they don't seem to care about your logic and resoning.
Teachers showed enthusiasm for there students and generally care about them. Most administration were extremely polite and offered a variety of resources for low income students. Despite this the administration could use some improvement with coordination and event planning.
In my experience, I enjoyed the years I have spent at Evans High School. Most of the staff are focused on the better good of students. I truly appreciate the opportunities and programs I have been blessed with to participate in. All due to the fact that I was a highly academic student in this school. I feel there is no other experience out there for me than in Evans High School. Like any other high school, there were issues with other staff or students but overall, that didn't spoil anything.
I like Evans mostly because of the IB program. This program has changed my outlook on life for the best!
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Some teachers pushed to see you achieve great success! Although my time at Evans wasn’t the best. I learned from mistakes and experiences. The best experiences I have had at Evans High School, was seeing test scores after having a good power session in tutoring. Most teachers only come to school just to get the day over with and get their money however, there are some teachers that get satisfaction from seeing their teaching bring a difference to students.
My experience at Evans High Schools for the most part was good. I am a student who is apart of the International Baccalaureate program. Being apart of this program has connected me with amazing hardworking students determined to change the world and others lives. Though the program is very rigorous, I know it pays off in the end and prepared me to succeed for collage.
It was definitely a different experience from my previous school. The level of academic achievement is amazing and they actually push and want you to be successful. So it was a breath of fresh air being able to attend Evans
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