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Evans is an extremely friendly school. If I could sum up with one word my entire school experience for the past five years it would be warm. What I mean by that is the fact that the entire school, administrators, teachers, coaches, and janitors were welcoming and happy to see me. The very first day was an unique experience, as was every day since. It has always been easy and pleasant to be taught by those teachers. Of all the schools in the state, I will trust Evans High School to teach my children in the future.
As an upcoming senior I have to say we have an excellent administration and the most amazing teachers in Vernon Parish. They bend over backwards to help ALL students no matter what the circumstances may be. I will always cherish the memories I made with fellow class mates and teachers for eternity. I would like to personally thank everyone for making me the student athlete I am today.
Due to Evans' small size there's is excellent teacher-student interaction; no student is left behind, as long as they put in some effort. Everyone there wants to see you succeed and do everything they possibly can to make that happen. Sport events are always fun and exciting, especially since everyone is so close.
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One of the things that I like about Evans is how small it is. Teachers are able to work more closely with students and help when needed. If I could change one thing about Evans, I would add electives for students to take. Students should be able to learn about their interests.
The teachers aren't the best.
Its okay of a school, but I don't want to go back.
There were some pretty cool advances to the school recently.
The school usually stays pretty safe.
Nothing has really happened yet.
Bullying happens and not much is done about it.
There are a lot of extra-curricular things to do at this school
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