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From the beginning to the end the teachers have been extremely helpful, caring, and understanding. The really care about their students and are willing to help in making sure we as students understand it completely. A good and safe environment that foster learning, playing and social life. Always students to be students, playing and learning together in order to achieve our goals and a better understanding of life as a young adult.
I liked the staff at Evans High School. I would like to see more participation and better school lunches.
My experience at Evans has been amazing. The education that I have gotten from my teachers over the years is something that I’m not going to forget. The teachers are so caring and willing to help you in any way they can. And that’s one thing I like and the school. They put education first, making sure we understand what is being taught. No student is ever over looked. Everyone gets equal amount of attention. Evans has helped me decide what I want to pursue my career in after I graduate. And I am very thankful for that. The administration does an excellent job and making sure the school is same and keeping everything under control. I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to spend my 4 years of high school at Evans.
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Evans is a really good school, and I have had a great four years there. The teachers are amazing and the AP program is wonderful. The school is a bit worn down, but that's only due to its age. I would highly recommend Evans High School to those moving into the area.
One of the things I enjoy most about Evans is the feeling of being able to do what you want to as a career, and the school being able to do as much as they can to provide for your education.
I liked the close community at Evans. The students have lots of spirit for the school. The teachers are very nice and helpful. They help to make sure everyone succeeds. The school is very focused on safety and overall wellbeing of the school and student body.
This school offer many classes for advanced students and class to help with students who need a little mor attention. In this school academics always come first and everything else after that. On thing I love most is this school is acceptable to all especially because we have so many military families.
Evans High School is overall a pretty average school. There are cliques just like every other school , but academically it is fantastic. Majority of the teachers are nice and respectful.
I loved Evans High so much. There are so many opportunities to get involved in student life and the faculty is amazing. No teacher wants to see you fail and will help you succeed no matter what. I have had nothing but great experiences with EHS.
Evans high school has very good committed teachers and have a variety of students from different countries and areas, the staff is very responsible and is very involved with their student but I feel that it can be better with the time ...
Evans high school is a nice for every child to start is knowledge at. The teachers are so good , fun and more of that they do their for us to learn and understand more of what they have been teaching us .The administration l, the stuffs they all need a great big thank you because they are doing their best and I am proud of them. They only thing i don’t like about the school is the bathroom, the door are not good , in my opinion that is what they need to fixed
EHS had a very welcoming environment, along with many opportunities for academic advancement. This, paired with exceptional teachers, especially in the Adavnced Placement courses offered throughout the school, gave ample chance for success and college readiness. Clubs and extracurricular activities were plentiful, well-organized, and school events gave each student a chance to enjoy themselves.
Evans High School is very different than the school I've previously attended. Students can tell the teachers care and are trying their best to help them understand the content. I would recommend this school to anyone considering attending
Overall, I would have liked to have felt more welcomed when I came to Evans High School. I didn't feel like the students or the staff were very welcoming to new students, unless you were a freshman. I also wish the school was a little more aware of the military population at the school. They weren't any programs or clubs that catered to that group of people at the school. Other than that I was able to make the best of my experience while at Evans High School by participating in sports and many honor societies.
I loved the feeling of family that permeates throughout Evans. I enjoy walking into those doors each morning and will be sad to say goodbye when I graduate.
It is a great school that provides multiple future opportunities. I've attended for four consecutive years and I truly appreciate the time I've spent at Evan's High school and thoroughly enjoyed my expirience.
I liked the STEM program at Evans and the diversity among students as well as teachers. Though athletics brought the school together, the school still recognized academic and career achievements of most any kind. The administration definitely cares a lot about their students.
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As a new student at Evans, I was welcomed by my peers. I made a lot of memories in my time here at Evans.
There is not much that I would change about Evans, they did everything mostly right. The only reason that I did not give it five stars is just because nothing is perfect
I am a really big fan of Evans. The teachers are wonderful and helpful. However, the school itself is outdated and always dirty. The teachers will go out of their way to help students and make sure they succeed.
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