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Evangelical Christian School is biblically-based with a tight-nit group of teachers and students. They need more consideration for their students' parent's money.
I have been going to this school since Pre-K, and it’s been a great experience. The teachers are very kind and get to know your student personally. Of course, there are flaws but it’s a great school
My daughter went there for first and I second grade. Decided to leave in third. Some teacher are not prepared enough to teach academics courses. They are more concerned about teaching the Bible. Not challenging to kids that want more. I would not recommend this school if your child is gifted.
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This school gave me the best years of my childhood. From the musicals, homecomings, and even the mundane days, I loved my time here. Of corse with many private schools, some of the rules (especially the dress code) are a little much and frivolous, but, in the grand scheme of things, they did not lessen my awesome high school experience at Evangelical Christian School.
We first started ECS when my 1st daughter was in K4 and left in the beginning of 6th. We started having issues and addressed them with the principal Mrs. Shuford. We did not agree so I received an email the following day stating. "You are obviously not happy here and that has become evident. Because of this, we feel it is best for your family that you find a school you will be happy with and can support wholeheartedly. We have informed the business office to officially withdraw your children as of today." Then it got better! "Please know we wish your family the very best. The business office will be issuing you a refund check in the mail and we will gather your daughter’s belongings and will have them ready for pick up at the front office at your convenience." She didn't understand why her belongs were being packed up in front of her friends. Then an email at 1:03pm when school is not dismissed until 3pm. So upon arrival my 4 year old was sitting in the principals office.
We love ECS! Wouldn't send my kids anywhere else. The educational factors, spiritual influence, and overall academics cannot be compared!
ECS is the best private school in the fort myers area. They have the best teachers and staff all around. They care about each student indefinitely and love them to the ends of the earth! Very good academics and sports. The teachers love them as they are their own. Very good environment for children of any age. The gift of god is also taught me the classrooms with us a HUGE plus. ( they also have the best lunch ;) )
I have been at ECS since K4 and it has been so good to me. I have learned so much from my teachers, chapels, and sports when I was there. Just like every school there are "cliques", but I learned to just talk with everyone and try to be everyone's friend and everybody will get along with you. All in all it is a great school.
Was involved in many extracurricular activities that made my high

School experience what it was.
Many of the teachers have become family. Especially my old man Mr. Morriss. I love him so dearly and will miss him very much in college.
I have loved this school since 4th grade. Of course, by senior year, I was changing and finding myself. Although there were some things I did not agree with, I still respect and love everything about ECS and the principles it holds.
We didn't have a nurse at the school. There wasn't a school counselor. Bullying was prevalent and nothing was done about it. I think the school is generally safe: the kids don't seem too intimidating. I felt very safe there, even with all my anxiety issues.
Aside from sports, there weren't a lot of extracurriculars offered by the school. I wish there were a newspaper: I would have joined.
I have never felt so loved! I made lifelong friends and my mentor is still a part of my life today. I do wish there was a better counseling service, but the support I had from teachers and peers was great. Even though I wasn't all that enthusiastic about events, I did enjoy homecoming week. What makes this school unique is that people actually love you there. They care about you and your well-being. Yes, the work is hard and will kick you in rear sometimes, but it is well worth it if you plan on going to college. My study habits improved greatly while attending ECS.
I loved the teachers at ECS. The ones I had, I loved. I could go to them with anything that was weighing on my heart. Senior Bible class was overall my favorite class. It's the class that I remember most. The teachers have so much knowledge and are eager to share it with students. Some teaching styles were more effective than others. The teachers really do love their students. They care about their emotional, academic, and spiritual well-being. The grading consistency was excellent.
There are plenty of extracurricular activities for students to engage in, from sports to art to quiz team.
I've been going to ECS my entire life and wouldn't want it any other way. I hope one day to send my one kids there so they can have the experience I had.
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The teachers at ECS are very compassionate and loving, they really do care about their students education and walk with Christ.
Most teachers are great. There is one that opens the year telling the students that most will only earn a C in his class. I guess that is his way of challenging them.
The school does a good job addressing known bullying situations. The school is always locked and the campus is gated.
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