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it is the best school I have ever attended HIGHLY recommend it..... faculty is incredible and the campus looks like a college campus... students are athletic and welcoming and we have the most fun time ever at homecoming and we have the hypest student section in the city
While attending ECS, I have learned as an individual to be a responsible, respectful, person in society. ECS teaches great moral’s and that doesn’t change despite how the world changes. Thus is represented in the young men and women who graduate and enter the whole as responsible people. ECS also is known as very hard curriculum which prepares young men and women for college. The one thing that I would change is making the program much stronger in the athletic departments. I feel this would draw more students to the campus if their was more emphasis on athletics because face it most schools are strong in some type of sport that leads students to there school. Over all ECS has been life changing and I feel blessed to have gotten to attend such an awesome Christ centered School.
At Evangelical Christian School I have experienced immense community not only within the students but also between the students and teachers. Every teacher here strives to create relationships with their students to help them in their studies and also to help the students with whatever hardships they face. These relationships promote a safe environment for the students to learn through a Biblical worldview.
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I have spent my entire life going to this school and have loves every minute of it. The relationships I have built here will last a lifetime and it is something that is a running theme throughout the school. The intentionality of building strong relationships is very evident in the school's mission. Not only do they prepare you for college, they prepare you for life.
I came to Evangelical Christian School for the first time in the 9th grade. After being homeschooled most of my life, it was quite a change. Thankfully, the faculty was very caring and willing to assist me in my transition from homeschool to high school.
One of the best things about ECS, is the Academic Resource Center (ARC). The ARC is a place on campus that has people that provide accommodations, resources, and help to people with learning disabilities. The ARC is helpful with this as they offer private rooms to do study hall in, as well as extended time testing.
I liked the teachers and how much they cared about my education, as well as the resources i could use for my education. The education. I received has proven useful in college so far.
Although ECS portrays itself to be a great school, the level diversity needs a major increase. After having my kids there for a few years, several red flags have caught my attention. The administrators and teachers are more attentive the ECS image rather than focusing on the students as an individual. Teachers need to take into consideration that not every child learns the same and should incorporate multiple teaching techniques for the variety of different learning styles.
ITs a good school. It's definitely best to go here if you're an active Christian instead of a passive one. The teachers are really really good at what they do and are firm Christians. Football has had a bad past couple of years, but we're a traditionally good football school and we've got a good new coach this coming year
In my opinion, ECS is absolutely the BEST private school in MEMPHIS hands down! ECS does a great job of fostering a strong Christian environment where the core Christian fundamentals being taught at home are reiterated in all aspects of daily life at ECS. At ECS, every child is important and part of the ECS family! Although already a large school, they are not looking to grow their attendance to simply meet a number or to be the biggest Memphis private school, but rather they subscribe to the basic understanding of "Quality over Quantity" where families of like Christian mind can come together and raise their kids in a safe and loving environment! I would highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a highly an accredited, Christ-centered environment for their child.
ECS is a place where teachers genuinely care about their students and their success in life just as much as their success in the classroom. It values its current students as well as keeps in touch with alumni and teaches its students what it means to have a Christian worldview and how it can be applied throughout their lives.
Over the past couple years, ECS has progressed in that they have given students various opportunities to discover their passions and interests. This is seen not only in the areas of athletics and fine arts (band, choir, theatre) but also in areas of STEM programs. For example, the SWAT team is a group where students with interests in technology and engineering have the opportunity to thrive, build their skills, and even discover what they want to do for their future career.
My high school has so much community. The goal of the school is to unite 9th-12th graders a create a community where we all bond and connect even though we come from different backgrounds. Evangelical Christian School creates school events that get people excited about community like school dances, a fall festival, and creating a house system. Not only do I love the close knitted community, but I love my teachers. Teachers at my school go the extra mile to ensure of my academic excellence and really make sure I understand the essence of education.Although at my high school, I want to see more diversity many of the kids there are exactly like each other and I want there to be more culture at my school.
Security here is great. We have security frequently around our school. Trainers are also available in case of injuries. Everyone here feels safe.
We have quite a few options to get involved in. Most students at my school are involved in something.
My experience has been great. There is great community in this place and everyone gets involved. My experience here has helped me be a better person today.
The teachers here really care about the students and want to engage in our lives. They all go to the extent to teach us about Christian education and will always help us with problems.
I love everything about this school and God is always first.
All of the teachers that I have encountered while attending have been strong support system for me. They care and wants the very best to the students. In times of family crisis, they go over and beyond making sure the student know they are there for them.
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ECS gives students plenty of options to chose from when it comes to joining clubs.
This schools cares about the health and safety of its students. this is shown through general rules and codes and also what they teach the students in the classroom
Every school has their flaws but this school was honestly trying its best to teach and strengthen student to look towards the future.
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