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Evangel Heights Christian Academy Reviews

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Evangel Heights Christian Academy is an amazing school that truly invests in the lives of its students. The teachers authentically care about the students and push them to pursue God and academics.
This school has influenced my life and has shaped me into the person that i am today. The school has great friendship that are created throughout your whole life here. Also as a class goes through each grade they lose and gain people the class is shaped into Godly well roumd class. The thing however that i would like to change is the whole drama thing. This drama is not something that just happens here it happens in every school. So Evangel heights Christian academy is a school that are a welcoming to everyone and loves the lord.
I am very happy I decided to attend this school for my high school career. They have helped me grow into the young woman I am today. I have made friendships that are going to last for a lifetime. Every parent should think about sending their child(ren) to this school, they will not be disappointed.
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Students are held to a high standard when it comes to dress code and other rules. I think that most of these rules (such as the six inch rule) were very helpful and understandable. However, the school also has some rules that I thought were unnecessarily restricting (i.e. hair cuts for boys, not being allowed to leave campus for food for practices, etc.).
Evangel Heights Christian Academy prepared me spiritually as well as mentally. I often feel that I would not be the same person I am today without this school and its caring teachers. They do not have a lot of money and resources, but they have a lot of dedicated staff members that influence their students. I feel prepared for my future because I feel that they have helped develop me into a strong, independent, Christian woman- and that is very exciting for me.
The food is pretty good but there is not a lot of variety because we are not government funded.
The athletes at our school have very good attitudes and sportsmanship. They are also very talented and well-disciplined the majority of the time. We do not have a lot of resources because of a lack of funding but I do not count that as a loss because our school makes up for it in partipation and spirit.
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