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The students are fairly inclusive. The academic standards are set pretty high. We have plenty of sports and clubs to participate in. Our parents are our teachers.
I love the environment in which we learn, and I appreciate the benefits every student receives from each teacher who invests in us!
It is very good school. Has a lot of opportunities for student to do volunteer work and help serve at a variety of places. Good education for the public school program and the homeschool program. Would recommend this to all my friends.
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Our child is only in Grammar School but ECCS has already surpassed every expectation we had! This school provides an EXCELLENT biblically-based education, wonderful caring teachers and a nurturing environment. On the first day of school our daughter was unsure about her new environment, her teacher scooped her into the biggest hug and began praying over her. Words can't express how much we love this school!
We love the school and have been there from 3rd through (now) 11th grade. The teachers care about the students and pray over them. The principals know the students by name and work well with the teachers and parents. The parents are very involved in school activities and field trips. We love the classical model of education and think it makes so much sense. We believe our daughter is getting a top education that will make her competitive in the college process and beyond. ECCS sets the bar high for the students and we love it.
I like Evangel's Christian environment with personal teacher involvement. On the other hand, the student attitude and administration involvement need to be worked on. Overall, it is a fairly good school.
I love my school. The work is hard, but it is so worth it. Teachers really care about their students and seeing them do well, not only in primary education, but once they are off in college. Students are trained to be culture changers for Christ. They are equipped to work hard and be better citizens of heaven first while living on the earth second.
After being a parent of ECCS for 11 years I've seen about everything I guess. Nothing going on here but God's love and an education that will get you a full scholarship to whatever college you want if you apply yourself. This school turns children into leaders we can be proud of. Never seen or heard of one fight in 11 years. Never heard a child bad mouth a teacher. Just doesn't happen there. God's work is being done here.
I was one of the parents that wrote a positive review here before. Unfortunately, after my review my child got a very unprofessional and uncaring teacher. She had no training or professionalism to handle the age group she was teaching. I was so disappointed to be paying for that kind of service. Classrooms are awfully small and kids are literally pilled up on top of each other. Library and playground are also very poor equipped. Teachers are always leaving, so in 3 years we were there, my child had 2 new teachers!!
Also, the classical education is NOT for everybody. I would actually say that is only for a very few. If your child doesn't fit the mold of the book worm, absolute straight A student, please don't send them to a school that will only make them feel like a total failure. It was not a positive experience for my child.
Evangel is fantastic. It has a good Christian community. Everyone feels so welcome at the school. I have been part of Evangel since 6th grade and I do not regret it for a second. I homeschool and Evangel incorporates homeschoolers with the kids who go to the school. There are sports events, clubs, school dances that we can all be a part of. It's a great environment for kids, and there are hardly any bad influences. The academics part of the school definitely prepares you for college. The teachers love what they do and what they teach and they really care about the students and their wellbeing.
The great thing about ECCS is its true value of education. Getting nothing out of it save for a chance at a generation of godly individuals to raise our country up, the faculty and staff give their all towards a classical education that is both enriching and usable. Their successful attempts at communicating God and His love through subjects such as Pre-Cal, Civilizations, and Biology have created nearly seven classes of strong thinkers, strong doers, and strong believers. The culminating project of a well-spent education, the Senior Thesis, gives soon-to-be-alumni an opportunity to take a stance on an issue and complete a multi-level defense of a solution to that issue before both an audience of community members and, in January, a panel of adjudicators. This tool is essential to the overall student's supreme goal in a 12-year private, classical, Christian education: knowing God, loving Him, and defending His words with true, beauty, and goodness.
I have been going to the school for five years now. Every single year I've tried to get out. The teachers are horrendous. They leave left and right. I have four new teachers out of eight. The drama program is awful as well.
Evangel Christian School offers an environment that influences students to dedicate themselves and succeed in their studies. The courses that are taught prepare students for college level classes. Evangel offers a multitude of extracurricular activities to participate in, such as football, soccer, and basketball.
There are many opportunities for extracurricular activities at this school, especially considering the small size of the school.
This school is far and away the best in the area. The classical methodology is amazing, the academics are strong, the teachers are loving and knowledgable, the atmosphere is friendly and family-like, and it is a covenant school where you can rest easy knowing that your child is learning among other children whose families love Christ and have similar beliefs and values.
The teachers at ECCS are devoted to education every student's mind but also equipping them to be culture changers for Christ. They are loving, creative in their teaching methods, and dedicated to helping every student learn to the best of his or her ability.
Notable organizations and clubs include International Travel Club, Student Government Association, Ballroom Dance, Beta Club, Chorus, and National Junior Classical League, among a few others. There is softball, baseball, basketball, tennis, and football, although these are in companionship with the sister homeschool. Students have the opportunity to possibly create their own clubs, and after-school activities are a favorite.
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The school is great. I attended there from elementary (also known as Grammar stage) through graduation, and it has been a blessing. The teachers and staff are loving, the work is challenging, the material is intriguing, and the experience is wonderful. There are several clubs, a lively sports program, and several extracurriculars to get interested in. Of course, it wasn't easy, being a school that seeks not to present a section, but to lead students to thorough understanding and to be scholars. Made great friends, and now have received numerous opportunities as a result of attending such a helpful school with a Christian environment.
The teachers at this school are dedicated, adept, and caring. They don't necessarily all teach the same way, but they all communicate effectively in their own way. For instance the history lectures present intrigue into the the stories of the past, while the math and chemistry are structured to help students understand and reason through each problem. Many of the teachers have students at the school, but in a way treat all of the students as if they were their own. They aren't afraid to keep students accountable in their grading or behavior, however. Teachers will often be clear and strict with the grades, but then offer explanations and help to the students so that they can do better the next time. Overall, the teachers at this school are great.
There are many clubs to choose from at this school. It is a great way to meet new people and gain leadership experience. All of the clubs require a certain amount of commitment; some require a lot more than others like Key Club.
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