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As far as the staff in the school building itself is amazing. Staff and students are only allowed to do what "the school board", which is made up of pastors and office staff at the main church building on the other side of town, tell them to do. Some members of the church staff have even pulled their own children out of the school! As a parent, I really feel like the school and the children and staff there are an afterthought, a second priority to other ministries within the church...a "bother"! The building is in such bad shape as well. One would think that this is would be one of the main ministries that the church would invest in the most! To me, children are one of our most precious commodities!
We have had an awful experience at Evangel Christian School. The beginning of the school year our middle schooler’s homeroom teacher left for a better opportunity. They waited until after winter break to replace her, another teacher was let go, because the cursed a STUDENT OUT on a field trip in DC. Both were middle school teachers. They pulled from other areas not communicating with parents to put staff into place for replacements. The school is awful at notifying parents of anything in advance and they assign essay’s to copy to the kids that are not even grammatically correct. I understand you get what you pay for, not sure that this is any more than a loss of a year for my boys.
Not every teacher is the same. Some teach good, some teach bad.
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Everything needs to be replaced. Lack of technology efficiency, college prep resources, tutoring, busing, and guidance counselors.
Does not clean the school as a whole, as often as needed. Has improved in the past year, though.
Lack of staff has caused lack of sports teams.
We only have a few opportunities. We have choir, sports, National Honors Society, and the Beta Club. They are all interesting.
We have no special programs.
The school has its flaws but it's a good school. The teachers are nice, the schedules are pretty decent, we get lots of work and barely any study options.
They're very reasonable and they help out those who cant afford it.
We barely have any teachers and we don't really learn much. Last year, I signed up for environmental science but we didn't have enough teachers so they put me in physics which I hate very much. We need more teachers.
Our counselors and staff are always there to help you when you need the help.
Just like any other high school there are some problems in the social scene, but overall everyone talks to everyone.
Our school does have extracurricular activities to get into after school, but the list to choose from is not that long because of the small population of our school.
I switched to this school my junior year and coming into it was kind of rocky. I was sometimes bullied and picked on and other time I was pestered and annoyed. Some of the students seemed to have no home training an purposely tried to start things with people .
The rules set in place are there to protect every student in this building. Students never get out of control because the staff is always there to lay down the law and control a bad situation.
The teachers here make it easy to learn, but I still think that the curriculum could be better and things could be taught better.
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The athletic facilities can only be explained as okay. They are usable, but they are not kept up as well as they should be.
The quality of the food is good, but there are little to no options. If someone has no interest in the food prepared there is nothing else to eat and your forced to bring your own lunches to satisfy your needs.
Our staff is always prepared for the worst making me feel safe. I've never had any problems with the students and there's rarely any conflicts with the staff. The only thing that Evangel could keep up with is the cleanliness of the school. If a student sees something that is not good for my health the staff should quickly take care of it, but a lot of the time its put off and saved to fix for a much later date.
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