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I love how the teachers are devoted to students and care for each and everyone of them. Evangel Christian School is a great school that will guide students into Christian life.
We are taught below our grade level. As a student here, I feel most of the work we are given is too easy, and does not give us a chance to reach higher goals though a lot of us have the potential.
It a very good Christian school and has a lot of diversity. Although there can be some improvements it’s overall a good school.
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I've gone to Evangel Christian School for all of high school, and I didn't have a bad experience or a fantastic experience. I was able to get comfortable at the school within my first week, and I made friends quite easily. My teachers have been great every year, and they have been helpful despite our lack of resources. I would like to see some things change in the school, like more resources, more activities, and more college preparation for juniors and seniors. Overall, Evangel Christian School is a good school that works with what it has.
This is a half-church-half-school. Nearly everything in the school goes with Christ spirits and Christianity. We have bible class 3 times a week and bible teacher teach a lot about Bible and Jesus. We also have chapel every Friday, we sing songs and prayer together. It is a great church, but not a great school. No AP class, No any special lessons.
in all honesty evangel could do better. this school does not prepare you for college at all. we don’t even have the option of having AP classes. we are left in the dark and then once we get to college we struggle a lot because they don’t prepare us at all. if they improved academically this school would be a great school
The school culture is extremely positive and encouraging. The staff/ faculty are very encouraging and endeavor to push and aid students in their high school education experience. They celebrate accomplishments of their students. This school could prepare its students better for college, but overall the schools culture reflects a family dynamic.
Evangel Christian School is an amazing school to strengthen your relationship with the Lord, as well as much more. You have great teacher who care about your future as well as education. In this school you develop many great friendships with students who all have a common interest. In this school you definitely feel welcome.
I really dont encourage this school to anyone unless if you can deal with teachers that have a power crisis
I believe this school needs a lot to work on when it comes to academics. Didn't really learn that much and kept getting new teachers throughout the school year. meaning we did not have a stable teacher for a school year
My high school was fair to study and get a good garde. Evangel Christian School is not too stirict for students. And it is easy to get GPA over 3.0. The Teachers are very flexible to check homeworks and test. They just do whatever they want. In another words, they are really kind and easygoing for students.
Evangel Christian School accept a lot of international students especially Chineses students. So this school has a good program for the international students. However they intend to hang out their sam country students. Accordingly, the international students and the regilar English students are not friendly too much.
Evangel Christain School is reasonable school, but you sometimes may get complaints to school.
I have learned a lot from this school. It's not just a school it's a big family. I believe this school is good for everyone who wants to serve the Lord and Know About Him. Everybody is nice and friendly inside Evangel. The students and the teaching staff are amazing. I'm actually glad that I went to that school. My experiences in public school was horrible. I Thank God for private schools. I'll be graduating from there in June. Had a tough ride but it all worked out. This school push me to my limits and help me succeed and to pass all my class. I Went To a 55 average students in public school To a 80 Average Student in a private school. Everyone helped me in that school, even if your feeling down they will pray for you. A Nice Boost Of Energy.
The administration is where this school fell short, great learning environment at times. Unfortunately many complain of the methods employed by this schools administration.
What I love about evangel is the teachers and how willing they are to help you with your school work. They go the extra mile to reach out to there students so they can pass. A downside to evangel is some of the students there. The students get so wrapped up in themselves and their drama they forget that their parents are paying for them to go to school.
From being Evangel it has helped me grow so much in my learning in such a tremendous way. From being here i know when i got out into the real world that i will be prepared and i know be ready to face me many obstacles that come infront of me.
I have been going to Evangel for years. That school has taught me how I can be closer with the Lord, focus in school and still have fun.
my experience in evangel christial school was good, since i m a international student and i needed a school with a huge diversity, so wouldnt feel left alone. But we cannot learn a lot here, the academics subjects are bad, i wouldnt recommend normal people to come to this school, but i would highly recomment if you are an international student and want to learn english, you will fell more confident comunicating in english with a lot of other students that doesnt know the language
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Attending Evangel for the past six years has had an overall impacting effect on me as a person.
It has shaped me into the person I am today and helped me boost my confidence in speaking and improving my communication skills with others. However, I do wish that this school had AP classes. I feel like it could've had an impact or change intellectually. There is so many diverse people at this school that there isn't a day you would miss getting to know something new from a different place.
I'm honestly not perfectly sure since I wasn't enrolled in this school more than a year and thus didn't have the opportunity to experience all the services this school is providing, but I'm pretty sure that the school really focuses on keeping students safe and securing them. There are a few securities who regularly check students' status, and there is a friendly nurse who is capable of making students relived and comfortable in the nurse room. The overall status of health & safety is the best; no one was neither hurt nor bullied in this school as long as I can remember.
Evangel Christian School is a great school for all Christians who wish to attend a school. We worship God, and most of us are happy to do so. There are lots of international students who came from different countries, and cultural trade between those and Americans are one of the most interesting things to watch in the school. Chapel is held every week, and it's hotly stirred up each time.
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