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All of our children attend Evangel Christian school and one graduated from there. We love the school and the teachers very much. The curriculum is advanced and we feel our children are receiving a great education. We really like that her children are learning Christian moral principles.
The school was great in teaching about Christ and had great teachers if you were willing to listen to them. Many of the students were great although some students were very much opposed to authority of any kind. I do also feel slightly upset that the school does not have better help for college preparation.
Most teachers put more time and effort into their lessons than they need to and are willing to help their students. However some teaching styles and teaching ideologies are hard to adapt or learn to. As usual the mindset that if you don't agree with the teacher you are wrong, is prevalent in most classrooms.
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They hardly prepare you for college at all. If you want to go to a christian college, they provide you with some help but if you want to go to a liberal one than its practically null. The academics are most good for struggling students but for advanced courses there are none. The technology in the science and computer lab is mostly outdated except for a few things like new laptops and smart boards.
They have no school nurse but they have a quick response if anyone reports any illnesses. The school itself is relatively safe with trust-able people but certain areas in the surroundings are questionable.
I knew as a Christian school, the authorities would have bias, but their bias dictate over everything about them and often if you don't agree than you are wrong and that could put you in some trouble. Since the school is private and runs on tuition payment, their resources are limited extremely to the point where they don't have a school nurse and the only unofficial guidance counselors are the teachers themselves. The good side to all of this could be that because of its smallness, its easy access to the principal and the authorities but that's debatable.
They don't have much to offer besides sports activities so if you like soccer, volleyball, basketball, or sometimes golf than you're good to go. However for more fine arts, other clubs, or community help, they are sincerely lacking in that department. If you wanted to create a sort of organization that would involve after school activities, it's possible to make one but would be highly unlikely to succeed.
Process was easy, just needed to sign papers and meet with the principal.
I was fully prepared to transfer from community college.
I don't necessarily feel prepared for college after going there. Certain teachers were too easy on us, which resulted in laziness. I did learn to have a great work ethic, which will in turn aid my college studies.
The extracurriculars? We barely had any...We had 3 sports: volleyball, soccer, and basketball. The only other activity we had was yearbook class, which I took apart in my senior year. Great class!
The food is mainly all microwaveable. Not necessarily BAD, but I always brought my own lunch. Homemade meals are always better! Microwaved food is super high in sodium, calories, and whatever else is in there. PB&J all the way!
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