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Evangel is the embodiment of the Christian experience as a student. There is no other school I would rather go to.
Evangel is a great school to better your relationship with the Lord. It’s always nice to surround yourself with people with the same goal as getting to know the bible more.
It is a good school that teaches you great principals and Christ like values. The school was founded from a pastor who had a mission in the 1980's to unite all people no matter what skin color under the word of God. The school has many different races and minorities ( including many different foreign exchange students from all over the world). The teachers actually care about your life and try to prepare you for the cruel and evil world out there by instilling Jesus standers of living and his way of life in us through the Bible.
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this school has taught me plenty of life lesson,and how to carry God with me in my everyday life. I have been there for a long time and i have grown up so much.the academics aren't a piece of cake either.
What I liked about Evangel Christian Academy is the fact that no matter where I go, people will assume that I hold steadfast to the "Christian" lifestyle, which is not necessarily true, but presents within itself the opportunity to be a tool in opening the eyes of the uncultured swine that litter the Louisiana education system.
I loved it. It's not only a school but it truly is a family. The teachers will work with you anytime, the teachers honestly do want to see all the students succeed!
Well I love evangel and it has really changed my life and impacted it in a big way.I would like to to see more interactions with the staff and the student body though.
i love evangel and the experiences i have been able to have there. i have made amazing friendships that are christ centered. we have amazing and loving teachers there, but some of them are not the greatest teachers. we have some of the best english teachers there and an amazing math teacher. i love how everyone is equal there no matter race or religion; you just receive so much love there it truly is an amazing school.
Evangel is a really personable school where everyone is treated with respect from the teachers and staff and the lunch is always good.
I loved my years at ECA. Like every school Evangel has its qualities that are not quite up to par, but I would have the say the environment, the teachers, the other students, and the things that Evangel stand for made up for it. I could not have gone to a better high school.I would recommend ECA to anyone and everyone. Every student was friends at ECA there was no "cool" crowd, it was such a small school that you could be friends with everyone. I am a very proud ECA alumni.
Evangel prioritizes the students. They keep a guard outside the school to monitor who comes and goes, and makes sure the students know what to do in case of an emergency.
Evangel sports work hard to do their best. There are practices happening every day on campus and games are frequent throughout the school year. At Evangel, everyone is accepted onto the team and given the opportunity to improve their skills. The practices are fun and enjoyable.
Evangel is a big family. No matter who you are, you are accepted and loved. I am thankful for my time at Evangel and the opportunity to learn and prepare for the future.
Teachers at Evangel genuinely care about students and teaching students. They want you to succeed and they will do their best to help you succeed. They are available in and out of the classroom for students to talk to and ask questions.
I feel very safe at school
I don't feel like their are as many options as there are at other schools
I have enjoyed the flexability of schedule and laid back atmosphere.
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All of my teachers seem genuinely interested in my academics, they are very approachable and always willing to help.
The teachers are always challenge us, the students
We have fine arts and leadership teams and praise and worship teams.
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