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I like that the teachers take a genuine interest in helping you succeed as a student. I like the diversity of the students and how the culture of the school helps students be accepting of that diversity. I think that has helped cultivate relationships between students that may not normally befriend each other in a large public school.
I like the small class sizes less distractions and the friendly environment . The teachers are eager to help you in anyway the can and are excited about learning . Also the coaching is great and push you to be your best.
Evangel Christian Academy helped me become very close with the lord . Also , I met so many great people that would help me through any problem.
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What I liked about Evangel Christian Academy was the experience of living a God- fearing lifestyle in and out of the classroom. What I would like to see change is the level of communication between the principal staff, that ultimately affects the students
Great School. The teachers are challenging but very approachable. If your child needs personal attention they are willing to provide it and help your child as much as possible. I would recommend this school for any child.
Wonderful opportunities for youth and the homeschool program is amazing. It has been a joy to get to know people and grow through my senior year.
I'm under the school's Homeschoolers. They always try to involve the homeschool families and offer everything that is offered to the private school students. The administration does it's absolute best to help each family find a place in their homeschool coverage and will work with and assist homeschool club's of the need arrises.
It was a good school for 8 years and in the 4 years it has been awful worst school ever . I don't know why I ever attended this school. It needs improvement very much. I will not recommend this school to anyone.
The academics are awful poor leadership and they have the nerve to call themselves a Christain school. They're a disgrace to the public and unto God.
Being that it was a homeschooling program, I felt very safe when attending classes. However, every class I attended I felt safe while I was there. I never knew of any case of bullying. They practiced drills in case of a fire or other emergency while we were there. Overall, I felt it was a very safe school and program to attend.
I know there were many clubs and activities. Generally they were all the same as other schools. They had yearbook club, newspaper, and many others including athletic activities.
My experience at this school was a good one. The teachers always cared, and they offered plenty of opportunites to be involved. I liked the option of taking classes there or simply taking classes at home. They kept the program simple and easy to understand. They pushed students to do their best and helped them along their way. This school is somewhere any student could be successful as long as they put in the effort required.
This school is actually a homeschooling prgram, however, they do offer classes to be attended twice a week. I attended two of these classes, and I enjoyed the experience very much. The teacher I had genuinely cared about how the students learned and if they understood what they were learning. She worked hard to give examples and answer questions. I could tell she wanted to see us succeed and thought about each students needs. I would definitely reccomend this program to anyone, but only if they could be self disciplined.
The health of students at my school is very important and not taken lightly .
They are the best teachers and they care about our well being .
Administration was awful, some good teachers. Hard work and advance placement classes. Students get prepared for college
The teachers are always there to help their students in any way they need.
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I love going to all of our games, no matter what the sport is.
I love the football games the most. They are always very fun!
I always have a variety of food at school. There is never a reason to complain.
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