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Need better/more teachers, administration and less favoritism. The facility is old. Tuition is high. There are more opportunities at public school. No guidance counselor to help with college prep.
Evangel does nothing to prepare its students. You can go to Hope Christian for close to the same price and get a better education. Don’t waste your time here.
when I moved my child I was upset to find out that we were almost two grades behind. They taught the kids that its ok to pick favorites, if you were part of the elite group you could get away with whatever. Otherwise any little thing you did was not tolerated and blown up. I heard of kids vandalizing school property, destroying other students personal property and elementary grade sexual harassment where nobody was suspended, I also know of students that disrupted class by talking and were suspended. Bible is taught at this school as a mere subject but not applied in any areas. In a Christian setting you expect the admin to be living examples of Gods unfailing love and show these kids daily examples of the fruit of the spirit, we had everything but that .
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My children have been attending Evangel since they were toddlers. My daughter since she was 6 weeks old. Overall the school has been a wonderful place for my children. They are challenged and excited about their school work and excited about school events. There are many more things to look forward to with our new Academy Director. The school is always looking forward and has great vision for each new year. Parents voices are heard anytime they come forward with ideas or suggestions. My kids enjoy their school and the sports programs that are offered. The class sizes are small and there is definitely differentiated learning experiences throughout! I highly recommend Evangel Christian Academy to parents who are looking ahead. I look forward to my children being able to take advantage of the dual credit program and earning college credit for FREE!
I did enjoy my overall experience at ECA. I loved how small the classes are because you can learn more with the teaching. I would like to see more activities to get the students to actually enjoy school, and I would also like to see more reinforcement.
In the four years my child has been there, he's had one excellent teacher, one good teacher, and two really, really lousy ones. This last one is the worst. She's antagonizing of the kids, doesn't watch them closely enough, gossips with parents, and doesn't respond to voicemails and emails.
In my school, the curriculum is considerably fast paced. Each class moves on to the other lesson, so grasping the education could be a little difficult. The teachers do a terrific job at making sure that you do understand the lessons. Homework can almost reach an overwhelming feeling, but it doesn't cause any stress. The curriculum does a great job at explaining the lesson in depth.
At my school there are only two sports students seem to have some sort of interested, and that is basketball and volleyball. Both sports have done exceptionally well. The student body does not have a high sense of school spirit. Our athletic facilities only consists of our gym. The gym is used for P.E., basketball, and volleyball. The gym is slightly above average considering the quality. Overall the school takes pride in its' gym and the sports taken place in it.
The opportunities at my school are very limited. because it is so small, the funding for these clubs are limited as well. We have only to clubs, and those are Beta Club and Student Council. I am in both of these. The teachers do help out when we have some sort of activity going on. Both clubs require attendance and participation. Besides clubs, we do have boys and girls basketball teams, and a girls volleyball team. Overall, the student body could care less about extracurricular activities, mainly because there is not much to choose from.
I go to Evangel Christian Academy. It is a private school, so nothing major hardly ever happens. There are backpack and locker checks, but they are so scarce. When they do do the checks, they never find anything like drugs or alcohol because the students have never done them. We do not have a designated nurse. Instead all the teachers have band aids or the standard first aid kits in their classrooms. This school is so small there is hardly any chance for any major injuries or corruption of students influenced from drugs. Our security is somewhat decent. We do have security cameras, but they are considerably low quality. The main entrance to the school can only be opened by a security card, or by paging the front office and asking for entrance. Overall I feel safe at this school due to the fact that it is so small, nothing bad has or probably ever would happen.
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