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Ev Cain 21st Century STEM Charter School Reviews

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this school is not safe at all. the kids are nasty and mean. the education is not the best unless you have money and get your kid into the gate class and there are more black that their are white. its a scary place and way to big 700 kids. kids are always getting into fights. once there was 7 fights(pyhsical) in one week!! send your kid to ilearn academy it should be ranked the number 1 school in the world!!!!!!
this school is not bully free and this school is not safe at all the kids are always getting into physical fights. this school is not a place you want your kid to go to if u want your kid to be well educated and rasied to be a good person and not to bully people, be homeless, have a not succesesful life, bad friends, or drug adic. there is never parnet help here because the parents cant stand the kids so please send your kids to a place like ilearn academy in medow vista its the best school and i love it and i LOVE going to school now!!!!!!!!!!
There isn't a great deal of diversity. The peer pressure and acceptance are similar to what you get at any other middle school.
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The extracurriculars offered are okay, however there is room for improvement.
The health and saftey policies at E.V. Cain are pretty good. They have always met my needs. The school is safe.
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