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The school puts all its money in athletics compared to academics or the arts. However, the teachers here are amazing. They strive to help you learn; not to just study for the test. I love this school, even though it wouldn’t be considered the best. But it definitely is a family.
I like the community between the students and the hometown feeling that Eustis itself offers. However, the school itself does not have a very good reputation of preparing its students for college.
Eustis High School is an overall average school that, like many other public schools across the nation, falls victim to lack of funds. With an increased investment in education, Eustis High could prosper.
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I loved my time at Eustis High School It was very relaxed and an awesome environment. I loved the different sport programs they offered, with myself taking part in the Golfing and swimming program. The teachers really know what they are teaching and I felt really prepared for college once I graduated. If you are thinking about sending your kid to Eustis High School I highly recommend because compared to the other schools in the county Eustis is the best atmosphere for someone to go to high school in.
Eustis High School is a very well run school. I believe there could be more resources provided to students such as CNA classes and the administration should be a bit more involved with helping prep certain students for college by getting the message out about duel enrollment.
I like that we are all close. We support our school pride and diversity. Most teachers are friendly and share their knowledge and expertise with students frequently. The thing that could be improved is that we need more arts programs, we need a new auditorium and band room.
My experience at Eustis High School is unique. I never had any problems with any students or teachers. The guidance counselors made sure we were all on the right path and I’m truly grateful for them.
My High school is awesome. The teachers believe in pushing you, but they are also there for you when you need someone. Ms. Valez cares about her students.
Its a really good school that helps you with you academic choices in life. Its shows that you can make it in life if you believe in your self. the programs are really good to help with colleges and scholarships to your dream school. the sports are amazing just cheering for that is wonderful. The school treats you like family and that is amazing.
There are a lot of choices when it comes to AP and Honors classes, and the environment is welcoming, and accepting.
This is only my second year attending eustis and I already have college credit and colleges already are starting to know my name. There is a wide variety of higher level academics you may choose to take, and also a Hugh chance of duel enrollment. I also participate in the avid program and it has definitely kicked me into gear about what my future is going to look like. The teachers, for the most part, are very helpful and, although it is a challenge, they make sure no student is left behind.
It is a very down to earth, typical high school. They have an amazing marching band and wonderful teachers. I had a great experience there for 4 years and I would recommend this school to anyone moving to the Lake County area. It offers many AP classes and Honors classes, as well as a variety of electives, on top of general classes.
Eustis High School was a very good school academically. It could use a few updates in architecture and materials, but the teachers care and put effort into everything they do. Wish it had more clubs though.
I would like to see classes that are more focused on preparing students for college and not preparing students for the next standardized test.
Eustis High School had some great AP teachers who really cared about their students. Other than that, the school was seriously lacking. They put more time, money, and effort into the sports than into the academics. The football team was their precious Jewel, even though it was the AP program and the scores of students' AP exams that gave the school a lot of money. In the future, I would like to see them pay more attention to the different types of clubs and their AP programs than the sports.
The school is great for people who are very diverse in character and physical appearance, but more importantly if a hard working student you will be rewarded with whatever goal you have in mind; academically and some of the teachers are very willing to help you. As for the rest of the staff are just there for their paycheck.
Eustis has changed over the years I've been there and they make it better every time when it comes to our academics, sports, and our overall learning environment. The teachers make me feel welcomed and excite me to learn and I love to feel that way.
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This is a very safe and wonderful learning experience for any student attending here. It is easily the best academic school in the area and it helps prep all of their students for college and their future lives. As a senior at this school, I enjoyed every minute going here and I recommend Eustis to any new parents. While they lack in the resources and sports section, they make it up with excellent teachers and staff that try to make your child's life better. The school is also showing its age now, with repairs definitely showing up. However, they are all so minor and more of a cosmetic issues than anything else. They are an amazing school and I'm so glad I went here for a high school.
Eustis high is a wonderful school! All the teachers are great and I couldn't have asked for a better education from there!
Eustis High School, is just another average high school that I had the opportunity to attend. My overall experience was great. I was involve in sports and clubs. Teachers/Staff are very friendly.
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