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A good school. Some kids may not like it here if they do not like school in general and have discipline problems. Nice teachers and the atmosphere has improved in the past years. More clubs have been added and there's more to do. Hopefully the bond passes so that they can get a brand new high school. They really need it.
Overall had a great experience! Loads of opportunities to make new friends and new memories. Teachers even go the extra mile to assist students along in their learning.
I liked how the school allowed us to choose the classes and courses we wanted and felt would help us in the future.
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Eustace high school is a warm and comfortable environment. Everyone is your friend and if you need help it’s always right around the corner. The teachers are the most genuine people that I’ve had the chance to meet and honestly care about the well-being of their students. The education is great and you truly feel prepared to take on the world of college by your senior year. Teachers and students get along great and the school is overall the best school around for miles. Like Eustace high school says, “pride, poise, discipline, class!”.
Eustace helped me get a foot into the door of college. With out them I wouldn't have got my first year of college out of the way.
My experience at EHS is great I have many friends and they are all understanding. The teachers really try to go above and beyond and really reach with the students. The food is decent but what can I say it’s school food.
As I sit here and reflect on my four years at Eustace High School, I do not think there was a more perfect high school for me. The academics were incredible, and they even offer free full credit courses so you can get a head start on your college education. The teachers were always more than happy to help and wanted nothing more than for their students to succeed. There was a variety of clubs, activities, sports, and academic opportunities right at our fingertips. The administration always has the school's best interest at heart and would do anything to ensure a safe, diverse, and resourceful environment for both students and faculty. I would HIGHLY recommend Eustace High School to anyone who is around the area.
I liked how it is a small community and everyone is there for you ion case you ever need anything. I think being in the sports family is actually the best at the high school. Your team mates are always going to support and the coaches have an outstanding way to coach not only a sport but also teach us about life lessons.
Eustace High School is a great school to go to. The staff prepares and encourages all of the students to further their education. The teachers make efforts to personally know about each student so they can better educate them. Eustace has always had outstanding academic performance throughout all grade levels. Teachers and other staff members truly care about the students education and grades. Not many students fail at being successful throughout their high school career. The school is always kept very clean and maintained. Sports at Eustace is a big deal. We take pride in all of our sports. Our athletes work hard and is shows through out multiple state championships. Eustace is a excellent school to attend, and I would recommend that's to any parents.
The fact the school put 90% of their budget into athletics is kinda obsurd.the ffa and related clubs arnt funded as much,but they are building a new mechanics/shop building,
The teachers are good,not sure of the new underclassmen teachers but the ones I have are knowledgeable and careing.
The teachers at Eustace High School have knowledge about many pieces of literature and events in history. The math teachers effectively explain math in the most simple way by breaking down problems into step by step processes. The English teachers help the students understand the literature using real life examples. The science teachers create hands on projects and labs to help develope a greater knowledge of biology, chemistry, and physics.
Our school is all about athletics. Teams are pushed over the limits and many of our teams succeed.
There isn't really any safety policies. Bullying still happens. The school nurse isn't a nurse, she's the one who takes care of sports injuries. She is usually never in because she's busy with athletics so then our school secretary takes over. She doesn't really know what she's doing. There are no health programs, the one semester of health class teaches nothing because girls end up pregnant anyways.
We usually get only two options, such as a corn dog or a two day old pizza. The costs are too high for the amounts of food served. They don't serve healthy food, just left over "healthy" food. The snacks are better so more kids buy more snacks.
Teachers who have been teaching longer take their job more seriously and put more effort into their lesson plans. The newer ones don't have as much experience and aren't as good. The teaching styles vary from teacher. Those who actually use notes and speak and review then seem to be better. Mainly the senior teachers seem more interested in the students because they have known them longer and communicate more as well. Some teachers will grade the same way they are suppose to, but there are others who let people slide by so they my play sports.
People are very judgmental towards different ethnicity, races, and sexuality. Peer pressure is very sneaky and the people often don't know they're doing it. Few students are not involved in any school activities.
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I love my friends and I found my boyfriend here. Our school is good when it comes to track, volleyball and cross country. I would choose this school again because of my friends here and I love most of my teachers. I wouldn't choose this school because all the school cares about is the sports programs. Nothing else seems to matter. Even if others make it so some type of state competition for band or theater or art.
The teachers are the best. We have a good amount of schoolwork.
we have a great school.
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