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Eureka Springs High School Reviews

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The students and teachers here are very friendly. I feel welcomed by my peers, and know most of them pretty well. I have experienced some sexism in the past year, though, but that would be my only complaint.
Overall average school, as a student here, there is definately things I have noticed that could be improved, but that seems to be the case with everything in the world. The school itself could stand to be much worse off, and many schools in the area definately are. It's probably one of the best there is in terms of public schooling experience, but again, as a current student, I'm not one to
be judging very harshly.
Eureka Springs High is a small school but it is very unique and involved. There are many clubs and sports for students to join. The teachers genuinely care about their students and want to make sure they succeed in life. The academics are very good and they train students from Freshman year and up for the ACT. Overall, ESH is a very good school.
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The teachers are great and you get one on one help if you need it. Very good test scores. Many of the teachers do their best to keep up all student grades and prepare them for state tests.
ESHS is a small school, but I really enjoyed that aspect of it! I was able to get lots of personalized help from teachers, and I was grateful that I knew everybody---it meant that I had a lot of friends.
My experience so far in Eureka Springs High School is absolutely phenomenal. The teachers and faculty members are great, the classmates (students) are amazing, and the entire district as a whole is awesome.
Eureka Springs High School has a very friendly and welcoming environment. There are very few judgmental people here, and all the teachers know the students by name.
So far it has been quite easy to navigate the website and see great scholarship opportunities. This gives me an easy way to apply for scholarships that aren't so rigorous and challenging, while still having time to complete those other ones.
The school was clean and most of the staff friendly. Some teachers and staff played into small town cliche of sports team members getting privileges. Overall not a bad high school experience.
I've gone to eureka Springs schools my entire life, there are many great teachers, but some difficult ones. Most of the students are very nice, and the art department is amazing.
My overall experience at Eureka Springs High School has not been the best but it has not been the worst. I believe that some of the rules are just a little bit too much and should not be enforced on the students. I also think that the principal is too hard on the students and needs to relax more on a lot of things. Several of the students hate her because of the things she has said, things she has done, how she has acted towards them and others. I feel as if we had a different principal then things would not be as bad as they are now.
Teachers here are very wonderful and are great teachers, they get their point across and are very knowledgeable and have great interest in the students succeeding.
You'd think that since the town is so accepting of different people, that the students would be too. This is not the case. The students are not racist, but are not accepting of unordinary people.
The sports programs are fun. Some teachers gave me great life advise, while others discouraged me. The cliques and bullying are bad. The poverty level is pretty high for such a small town.
The school had a scare with an angry parent a few years back. Ever since then, the security has greatly increased. You have to ring a doorbell to get into the school. You must sign in as a visitor and wear a badge.
There is a good amount of food and an acceptable variety. There are fresh fruits and vegetables available.
There are cliques and there is bullying. The teachers don't do anything to stop it either. In fact, there are teacher cliques as well. The dress code can be somewhat arguable, but other times not. There is a lot of tension between the principle and the community from a variety of issues.
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There is a good amount of school spirit from those that play sports. Since there's not much to do in the town, most kids are in multiple sports.
I was captain of our varsity cheer squad. I learned great leadership and people skills doing this. There's not much for kids to do in Eureka Springs so most of them do some kind of drug. There are sports teams available. The coaches are hit and miss. Some teachers care, while others do not- and don't mind showing it. Cliques are bad and there is some bullying. Mrs. Lavender is the principal (2015) who is notorious for being cold and unfair.
Great opportunities to get involved in the community around our school.
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