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I loved my high school experience. The teachers weren't always the best but I received a quality education while having fun with my friends every single day.
I enjoy the family environment of the school. If someone is struggling, any staff member is willing to sit down and work with them to find out the best solution. The academics are rigorous, without being too much for a high school student. Student's are able to hold jobs while taking AP classes if they can manage their time effectively. Sports are a large part of the Eureka High School community. School spirit is huge and the student section, lovingly named the Catpound, does not disappoint. You will never see the Catpound half full. It is always packed with students supporting their football, basketball, wrestling and many more teams. My overall experience at Eureka was absolutely amazing and I would go back there in a heartbeat.
Eureka has a strong community feel, with high involvement by parents, teachers, and administrators in the lives of the kids. There is a strong emphasis on academics but also on preparing for college and adult life.
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I love Eureka. Our teachers are amazing and truly care about their kids...students are way too submersed into their own groups however and the only thing most students get together for is football games. Football games are where the entire school comes together with pride. The classrooms are relatively outdated and the lunch lines are way too long, but overall the school has really great facilities and amenities.
It's a safe school and in an ideal community. Never experienced bullying. It doesn't have a wide range of honors classes, but it has a lot of AP level classes.
My overall experience at Eureka Senior High School was eye opening. This is school gave me one of the top educations in the state of Missouri. While I was attending Eureka I join clubs and participated it sports. My biggest accomplishment would have to being leader in the Women Empowering Women club. I was able to exercise, enhance and explore my very different leadership assets. Eureka has taught me that it is okay to be different and that their always someone there for you. They have to best resources available and someone is going to help you. I would recommend not only the school district, but this school because it would allow you child to get the best education and make their 4 years of high school the best years of the life.
I loved how close knit of a community the school held. The teachers were amazing and all were willing to create close bonds with their students that made the high school experience worthwhile. I had great educators as well as friends from this high school.
Every teacher I had from start to finish cared deeply for each student and wanted each to achieve the most that they were capable of. Not many places have that kind of staffing. I don’t think much of anything needs to change there.
Son transferred Junior year from parochial H.S. that was overpriced, riddled with problems and completely appropriate for his needs. EHS guidance counselor was SPOT ON in understanding what son needed and helped him acclimate well his first year. Guidance counselor introduced him to Ecrew student who was genuinely welcoming and helped him adjust by inviting him to sit with the Ecrew student and his friends at lunch in addition to sitting with him for assemblies and the like. Several teachers went above & beyond in helping son trouble shoot assignments and were friendly & welcoming, same goes for their Resource Officer - GREAT FOLKS!! ***Some administrators are clueless when it comes to getting to know their students and this has caused problems ! Beware of one administrator who loves to give the evil eye to parents for no apparent reason - it's not you, it's him. Lastly, 504 students don't get the same quality treatment from administrators as IEP kids.
I like that Euerka has different programs for students to be in. I was in 2 clubs at Euerka and felt like I was apart of a famiky. Everyone is helpful and is willing to help out. It’s a good school if you trying to prepare for college because they go above and beyond typically academic standards.
Eureka High School is a place that welcomes all students of all backgrounds. It felt like a community that represent most, if not all, walks of life. I believe it helped prepare me best for college as well as the real world, especially in interacting with those who are different from me.
Overall, the education I have received at EHS has been great. The educational opportunities have led me to admission to my top choice school. Eureka High School is not super diverse and most people come from the same background with the same beliefs but I know there are efforts being made behind the scenes to try to be more inclusive.
I like that it is a good school obviously. Rockwood overall is a good school district so it is not a surprise that it is a good school academically however some of the teachers are not the best and you get the sense they teach so that the can coach.
The general community at Eureka is one of caring and family, and I have loved every minute of it. The teachers, administration, and counselors all take very good care to make sure that all of the students have the best possibilities that they can to succeed and thrive. I really value the relationships that I was able to make and I look forward to using the skills instilled in my by my teachers in the future.
A majority of my teachers wanted to be there and it reflected in their teaching. They pushed students to reach their full potential through challenging themselves. There is a lack in diversity, my only complaint.
Eureka High School is a very great school to attend. The diversity in this school is excellent and everyone gets along very well. All the staffs here treat us with care. The staffs is always there to help guide us whenever we are having a hard time, and never do they let us down. The cafeteria food here is awesome, and daily events that happens each year here at the school is great.
Eureka is an amazing high school. There are so many opportunities to join clubs and sports to make friends and have a wonderful high school experiences. All of the teachers are friendly and very good at working with students and helping them out. Every student at Eureka has a great time and participates in school spirit and showing up to sporting events, dances, and theatrical performances.
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Eureka High School has shown me how to be a part of a community. It truly feels like being in a big family. Everyone comes together and supports one another in everything. Whether it's a Friday night home football game, sand-bagging the sides of the school before an expected tragic flood, or a performance put on by the theater; everyone will be there for each other. The love that fills this school is nothing I've ever seen before. I have learned how to care for each and every person and been given the best family I could ever ask for. No matter how far everyone goes for college we will always be connected with Wildcat love and always be there for one another.
The teachers are dedicated and have a great deal to offer with their wealth of information and wisdom. Much of the responsibility falls on us students as they are grooming us to take this on now and in our futures. We are our main source of communication between school and our needs, questions, and learning. I just wish that he secretaries would be more positive in how they speak to us. They can be short and can come across unkind without knowing the full situation. There should be mutual respect between all staff and students. I am ready to apply what I have learned in college and what it takes to be responsible and confident.
This is a pretty good high school. The student and teachers are very nice. The student body has a lot of spirit and support all sports. Most of the teachers at Eureka are very good, but there are some teachers that you might get bad grades in just because of their teaching capabilities. The administration overall is pretty good but sometimes can be not the brightest. For example, in the year 2018 they will be adding a STEM addition to the school to make more accommodations for more students that are interested in STEM fields. The only problem there is, is that they are not going to put any type of renewable energy on a STEM extension. It is things like this is make it seems like they are not always thinking.
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