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I am a senior at Eureka Senior High School and so far these past few years, Eureka high has been a great experience. What I like about Eureka High is the community within the school. If I could change something about Eureka high, it would be adding more AP classes. Having more AP classes can help with high school students prepare for their upcoming years for college. Overall going to Eureka high school would be a school I would recommend for students to go to.
It is a very toxic school, the environment there makes you hate high school. It's hard to put your finger on exactly what is wrong but there is definitely something very negative and depressing about it. There are some really great teachers there, but the admin isn't great. The students there are all very negative and awful. Of course there are exceptions but many students love to bring people down and make high school awful for everyone else just to make themselves feel better.
Eureka senior high was like any average high school. Football was the only supported sport by the student body, but even they could not gain that much school spirit. The teachers are nice -for the most part- and it is fairly easy for success. The probability of getting bullied it fairly low so that is also good. Overall, I was able to float on by with a steady 3.5 GPA and consistent honor roll recognition.
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The teachers at Eureka High School are extremely understanding and care about their students. They teach very well and Eureka High has a large variety of classes to choose from.
Eureka is an inclusive, caring, positive environment for kids. The school has academically rigorous courses available. The school's expectations for students seem less than stellar.
Eureka High offers many clubs and sports that any student can enter. For me, I did theater and journalism. Both of which were unforgettable experiences that I won't forget. Most of the teachers are willing to help at any time, and the campus is nice and large. The lockers are a great size. As for the classrooms, the average size is around 25 to 30 kids, so it is a little hard to connect with teachers unless you reach out. It is my senior year at EHS, and my favorite memory of it will be the redwood trees that surround the football field.
The high school has a lot of opportunities including clubs, AP classes, and sports teams. It is all up to the student to seize the opportunities.
I had a great time at Eureka Senior High. I met a lot of new people and had a great time. While it is a bit crowded this year, it is tolerable. The music building is finally getting remodeled my senior year and will be finished by next school year. Overall, the teachers are great and help you out and its a great place to learn.
I attended EHS for the music program which has been an integral part of my life as a student since elementary school. However, the music program is sorely lacking, the entire music department is run by a single teacher who is under qualified, to say the least. It has driven myself as well as multiple other students away from the program despite a love and craving of music and the friends made from participating. I have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated attending High School at EHS (As far as one can enjoy high school) and know that it has helped to shape me into who I am now and who I aim to become.
Im a senior in eureka high and this school has a big impact on who i am. I have learned so many valuable things and will always remember the happy environment given by the schools staff
My experience as a student at Eureka Senior High School was amazing! Their many teachers are always available to help you when you need it. The school also has a variety of classes for you to choose from. I am also an athlete and enjoyed the many sports that they have such as football, basketball, track, and even volleyball!
My overall experience at Eureka High has been quite alright. I didn't really get involved with many extra curricular activities; although I made some friendships I see lasting a lifetime. Even though every student hates going to class, the strong bonds I was fortunate enough to create with the majority of my teachers outweighed the cons of classwork.
This school was the single worst school I have ever attended. I had personal issues during my early teenage years and the kids at this school at the time were very unkind to me. The teachers here were underpaid and most of tem were bitter and cold towards their students. DO NOT go here. Go to a smaller more independent school like Zoe Barnum or Adult Ed.
Hard to stand out or be acknowledged, easily gives up on students instead of helping them (see independent study or zoe barnum), nepotism is a problem. Great theater program if that's your thing, scholarship opportunities if you look for them. If you're a hardcore student you can make it out of here with high honors, but if you aren't great at school it's easy to get lost in the crowd and left behind. Counselors aren't helpful and difficult to talk to, and each counselor serves hundreds of students. Loud environment, crumbling infrastructure. The gym is awful and you'll be forced to take two years of PE with unsympathetic teachers if you have a condition such as asthma. My grades didn't reflect my level of effort and knowledge and different teachers have different grading methods. If you have poor mental health of any, avoid this school. Class sizes too large to suit individual students needs. Same problems as any regular large public high school in this country.
I have had an overall decent experience at EHS. I have never felt threaten or scared to come to school. For the most part, I have had nice teachers and met nice staff. I think the counselling office could use more help because some times it takes a long time to get stuff done.
My experience in Eureka High School, Eureka High School is a good school. There are great teachers and they support you all the way and help you when the students is in needed help. The clubs are great and fun to be in and experience some of the clubs. each clubs has their own things to do, even though the clubs work hard they still do not give up and try until what they want. I feel that it would be nice to have more elective in the school, so that the students would have more choice to pick the class that they want or is in their major.
I live in a very rural area where most of the things named would be considered "too much". Although, cameras and sweeps wouldn't hurt.
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There are a lot of clubs, but many of them do require money to participate in events or whatever. My favorite club was FFA because it had the most caring admin who helped me get through high school, and it is my 2nd family.
There are hardly any parents at any school event all year.
There are teachers who love their job and really want to be teaching, and there are others who really do not care at all, and students lose education.
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