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Eureka Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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The teachers are good. One on one is always nice. One of the best football teams around. Small, so everyone knows everyone... Which can be good, or bad.
It was an okay school. I didn't fit in very well and most of the time I didn't feel welcome whatsoever. Teachers were unprofessional at times and got into students business when it was not their place. There were a few great teachers that made it okay.
It was a great school focused on bettering education. They have some wonderful teachers, especially in the English and Science departments. The downfall of the school is that they spend way too much on athletics, instead of new books, they get new uniforms instead.
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To get into Eureka Jr/Sr High school you have to push a buzzer and the ladies in the office have to allow you in. This allows the students to feel safe while in school. My school also has security cameras. Bullying is not a huge topic within our school because it doesn't happen often. The school nurse is always available for anyone. My school has fire drills, tornado drills and lock down drills every year more than one time.
Our school allows the students at least two choices of sport each season. We have wide variates of clubs as in science clubs to art clubs and SADD. Our administration is very involved in all clubs and athletics. Student council is a very active club within our school. They hold a blood drive twice a year. At homecoming they invite the class that had graduated 50 years ago to the school for a tour and allow them to be in the homecoming parade and to get into the game that night for free.
Everyone is family. The most memorable moment I have had in high school is when we had held a sub-state basketball game. The stands on both sides were full and our basketball boys were playing against a very competitive team. No one was sitting everyone was cheering, chanting and holding their signs. The atmosphere was life changing and made me very proud of my community. I would not want to go to any other school if I had a chance to do it all over again.
Our school is very small allowing a great amount of one on one time for teachers and students. Teachers teach the students in ways that allow the information to stick in their heads. Most teachers are up beat and always in a good mood and willing to help students with any problems they have. The teachers are always asking students how their day is going and how they are doing. I am very honored to be going to this high school.
Mono was very prominent this year.
Overall, there are a lot of choices, but those choices are usually deferred to sports and fine arts are greatly underfunded and under recognized.
Overall, this school is the prime example of small town mentality. Some people crave it, the gossip, the name, the popularity, others can't stand it. Well, I'm here to say that people who don't have the name hate it. If you have the name, you get whatever you want. It also comes down to he who screams the most gets the most, and inconsistencies arise when one person makes a big deal and gets what they want and another student doesn't get it. When it comes to sports, Eureka is very accommodating but I've had to fight just to take the class I wanted in my schedule, and gone above and beyond the effort and hard work required to reach my goals, and then still had to fight for the classes I wanted to take. Excuse after excuse was given to me when I was told I couldn't take a class, and took them anyway. So, if you are reading this looking into Eureka as a possible school, I would tell you not to bring your children here. If you have no other choice but to go here then don't be afraid to fight for what you want and talk with the teacher before you talk to administration because they will be more friendly and more accommodating than the administration will be.
There are many wonderful teachers who would do anything for students, but then again there are the other teachers who don't care at all. Once again we are faced with the importance of sports over education. The teachers that don't care are the ones who are coaches. The teachers that can't teach are the ones who are coaches. It seems to be a sad increasing trend with all American schools that they hire sports over education and it needs to stop. Overall, the biggest problems aren't with the teachers, its with administration and government funding. I have been threatened and harassed by Eureka administration and I know I'm not the only student, teacher or parent to say so.
Eureka itself has many extracurricular activities available, some available through the school and others through the community such as 4-H.
While attending EJSHS I began to realize we are not all just students, teachers, or staff, we are kind of like a family. I feel at home when I come to school. I have the greatest times with my friends here along with my favorite teachers. Most of my teachers have a great sense of humor which makes everyday enjoyable.
I love all of my teacher even when I do not agree with them. Each and every one works their hardest to teach and make each student feel special. Eureka Jr./Sr. High is an excellent school to be attending.
I have great memories at my school, and around town
There are cameras, nurse is very nice and will help
Teachers here make it easy to go to them for help.
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These policies keep us safe and cover up body parts others should not see.
It was easy for me to pick ac college and a major.
Lots available, with good leaders and friendly students.
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