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As far as education goes, it was pretty good, especially for a school in South Dakota. But personally, I had some rough experiences there.
At teh school is was at before this, I was amazed when i came here. The school lunches are school luches but theyre better than most and i feel liek i was cared for teachers and otehr staff. The students are very seperated but like any school that happens.
I wish there was more clubs to join and more involvment that could be done. But comparing how small this school to club availbility it's very equal.
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Its much smaller than ideal, but provides many opurtunnities for students and puts them in a fast track to success.
Teachers at my school over all cover their learning plans and try to adapt to struggling kids. They also go beyond the classroom and help the students when they can. The facility is well involved with student organizations and help support student growth through out our small school.
They are building a new school.
There is multiple opportunities for students.
I had a rocky time in elementary but my high school experience has been good.
Since it is a small town, we get more one on one with the teachers.
Teachers are great but some are better than others. We only have the general classes here I personally think we could use more of a variety.
There are no tutors in our school. The kids will give an extra hand and so will most teachers but it could be improved. We all have our own computers in the high school which is a great opportunity.
Parents are very involved and know the teachers on a regular bases.
The food is great and there is always a salad bar!! The menus always give a variety of food which is always good.
The teachers are about average some are extraordinary others are not so great. There are always good and bad.
I wish that our school would engage in more activities. Our school only has basketball, volleyball, football, and track.
Eureka High School is unlike any school I have ever seen. It is a small school with only about 50 kids in the high school. However, for being such a small school it has a lot of opportunities. I was able to have more one on one with the teachers because of the small class size. There was quite a few clubs and activities to engage in but not many that I was interested in. I would have liked to have gymnastics through the school. They use to have it but they dropped it quite a few years ago. I tried to talk to the old coach but she was no longer interested. I would defanantly not choose another school to go to for Eureka High School is forever part of me. I would only wish that they would welcome gymnastics into the school once again and form more clubs and organizations.
Our school is pretty safe, we have few if that bully threats. This past year we built security measures for our school, so people would have to get buzzed instead of just walking through. Also, all the doors going into the school are now locked. We haven't had to deal with a bomb threat or gun threat, which is really good!
Our school is very good about the things that go on in the school. There will be peer pressure like it is in every school but the students know there are consequences that follow.
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The food is cafeteria food. It's not good but it's not bad. Since we switched the different food plans at our school our food has gotten terrible. We don't have a lot of fruits and vegetables available so you don't get your variety.
We don't have a lot of extracurricular activities because our school is so small, but 3/4 of the student body is involved in at least one sport throughout their high school career. If you want to join a sport the coaches are very welcoming.
Even though my school is small especially my high, I love all of my friends. Everybody knows each other and everybody is really friendly. Anybody would be able to fit in really well and get adjusted to the lifestyle quickly. I wouldn't want to be at any other school.
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