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I felt that the teachers at Eureka high school are fantastic. However I feel that the environment and the students could use work. Throughout my school years I dealt with many cases of bullying and learned that the school struggled to keep this in check.
I love Eureka High School! There is a true sense of safety going to school here. I love our community and we accomplish great things at EHS. Last year alone our small school raised over $63,000 for St. Jude through our Fight For Life week. It goes to show what a giving and incredible community I live in.
My experience at Eureka High School prepared for college and helped me to grow as person, including finding where I want to go with my life.
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Eureka high school has a very good community atmosphere; however, due to the lack of advanced classes and teacher favoritism, the school has a lot of room to improve.
Eureka High School has a lot to offer. The community is very involved with the school. This past year we did a Fight For Life Fundraiser for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and raised over $63,000 just from our district alone. Eureka is a very special town. Eureka High School has prepared me for college in many ways, not only for the SAT, but also just college in general. Through my high school career I have taken 24 dual-credit hours. There is so much that is offered at Eureka High School and I am proud to be a part of it .
Eureka is a great school that is run by an excellent board. The small town environment allows for a tight nit system that focuses on the student needs
Eureka High School provided a safe and quiet environment to learn in. The teachers are always open to help anyone with questions at all times. Many of the teachers took time explaining things and allowed time for questions and review. College Readiness is definitely something Eureka High works on with their students. Each student is assigned a mentor during their Junior year, and the mentor works with their students to focus on taking standardized tests and getting into colleges. Some of the teachers held out of school review sessions for students to come in and practice for the ACT/SAT.
Eureka High School also has a wide variety of clubs, sports, and activities. The school has everything from FFA, dairy judging, Fight For Life, Student Council, wrestling, football, marching band, concert band, and cheer/dance. Overall, the school is very diverse for its students and provides an active and interesting environment for learning.
I honestly loved going to school here. The teachers are incredibly helpful and truly care about your success in and outside of the classroom. As a whole, students are nice and hardworking. Most everyone really cares about their grades and success. It's a positive environment, and I am glad I got to be a part of it for four years.
Living in a small town offered so many opportunities that I would not have otherwise had if I had not moved.
The teachers and staff truly care about their students and work to make sure they understand the material.
I moved to Eureka my freshman year of high school. Throughout my years at Eureka, I have been academically challenged, and I have been involved in sports and extra curricular activities. The teachers are very welcoming and easy to trust. I have met many great people. My experience at EHS has been amazing.
The teachers and staff have treated my children with respect and they care about each one. I appreciate the small-town feel and the conservative values of the school district. Keep up the good work.
Unfortunately, if you are not a part of the FFA, you have a hard time finding where you fit in. If you aren't country, you simply won't fit in (as someone said before).
Some of the teachers here at Eureka High School can be good. However, there are quite a few who don't know what they are doing or teaching. One class I was in, a teacher was teaching the topic completely wrong and another teacher in the same department had to come into class and reteach the topic. It is the little things that add up to make the academics 'bad'.
Our school does a good job of keeping a record of who gets in and out throughout the day. There are security cameras everywhere, and I think it's safe to say that most of the students feel protected while at school.
We have most of they typical small-town, Midwest extracurriculars - plenty of sports teams, band, National Honor Society, Student Council, etc. I think what sets us apart is that the students genuinely care about the clubs they choose to belong to, and many students pick more than just one.
This school is unique because though small it offers many great opportunities to its students. They have a dual-credit system in place where students can acquire both high school and college credit for the same class because a lot of the teachers have their Master's Degrees in the subject that they teach. For me, this allowed me to complete a year's worth of college while still in high school which was a huge help toward fitting in all the classes needed for my double major.
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The teachers at Eureka High School are very qualified and considerate of their students. You can tell that most of them truly care about their students, not just the grades they will be giving them. The teaching styles vary depending on the teacher and subject, but it's typical lecture, group work, videos, projects, etc. that you would see at any high school. Our teachers are consistent in their grading and treat each student fairly. They know their students well enough to notice who is struggling and needs additional help.
They have taken a lot of steps to make sure the school is safe. The nurse is only sometimes there though.
There are a wide variety of extracurricular from robotics, to FFA, to music. Once people become involved in their extracurricular they tend to be very committed, though not always.
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